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    Exclamation 1 million baby seats recalled due to head injuries

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Some 1 million foam baby seats sold by Target Corp, Wal-Mart Stores Inc and other large retailers are being recalled because of reports of young children falling out of the seats, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said on Thursday.

    The baby seat is designed for infants who are six weeks old or able to support their own heads, up to an age of about 12 to 14 months or about 22 pounds, Bumbo said.
    A photograph of the recalled product and other information was posted on the agency's Web site at: http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml08/08046.html


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    I have seen the chairs and used it on my daughter. She had horrible reflux as a baby and was on two meds from two weeks old. She still threw up and we had a hard time putting weight on her because she would throw up her bottles. These chairs helped so much to keep her from throwing up. While they were adjusting her medicine she had to sleep sitting up on my chest for weeks and my husband and me would trade off. We were concerned she would choke on her vomit.

    These parents are being stupid though thinking its a babysitter and I feel bad for the babies. Even carseats have warnings on them not to leave your child unattended. This is a common chair used for therapies for children with certain medical problems and reflux in babies. Its a pity a few idiots are messing it up for them.

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    I had one of these for my son and used it pretty infrequently. He didn't really like it, as he was a chunky little thing and it squished his little legs! It fit quite tightly. I could totally see how a top heavy baby could flop over in it. I think that mine had a warning on it to NEVER set it on a high surface (which, we did to feed him with, with us sitting there with him, see below) and to never used the Bumbo out of arms reach. My son never wanted to be in it more than 10 to 15 minutes. I don't think he ever was comfortable in it. He'd fuss and start to arch his back in it. He'd scare me, because I would think that he'd flop out of it, with his arching and writhing, and our floors are hardwood. So I never wanted to use it.

    But, he had his first feeding in a "bumbo" though... on the kitchen table, with both of us (mom and dad) sitting there with him... it was a scream!

    But I thought it was neat... that it would sit on a flat surface, with the weight of the baby anchoring it. Guess it didn't work that well, according to the recall!!

    My son was quite the refluxer too. We had better luck with some of the slings, wedges, and the more vertical baby bouncers. Because he was so big (he was ten pounds when he was born... he got a head start), the bumbo seemed to "crunch" his lower body a bit. When we finally got him on meds (he gained weight well, so there was a lag... for a long time, he seemed like a happy spitter, nursed ok, so it seemed like more of a laundry problem for us!) his breathing problems got better too. Go figure!!
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    I had a skinny really long baby and she is still skinny, just this side of being underweight.

    I think the difference is you were there holding him and watching him which would make the difference they are pretty wobbly at that age. We are carpeted except for the kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms and breezeway. My daughter liked it but it was probably due to it helping her spit up. We didnt start solids till six months old so she was already sitting up so we just used her high chair.

    Ashley wasnt the happy spitter and she had bad heartburn from it. Between colic and reflux she cried a lot. She still gets reflux once in a while but not enough as they want her on meds anymore. I hated the medicines though. I was always nervous when I was giving her reglan. We tried the sling and she hated it, I did use it when she was little a bit but she was never a big fan of it.

    I tried the wedges and the little stinker at 2 months old would scooch right off of them.

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