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    NE - Fernando Rodriguez, 13, Lexington, 26 Oct 2007

    This totally creeps me out, but thought I would post it to spread the word and hopefully they will be found. I will search for other articles as well.

    From: http://www.lexch.com/site/news.cfm?n...d=558509&rfi=6

    Teacher, student disappear at Lexington
    The Lexington Police Department is investigating a missing person case involving a 13-year-old Lexington boy, who may be in the company of a Lexington Middle School teacher.

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    I can't even imagine getting the phone call that a teacher has taken off with your child. WTH is going on?

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    Beautiful girl. I wonder what's wrong with her. Did you see her myspace quote? Something like watch your thoughts and your actions. HMMMM?

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    In Lexington police are searching for a 13 year old boy and a teacher they believe he is with. Authorities say the teen has been missing since this weekend. They now think he is with 25 year old Kelsey Peterson.

    Peterson is a 6th grade teacher in Lexington and authorities say she had been having an inappropriate relationship with the boy.

    They school apparently discovered it last week and came to police.

    Peterson was then placed on administrative leave.

    There is now a warrant for her arrest.

    She is facing charges of kidnapping and child abuse among other charges.

    Police say the two are likely traveling in Peterson's car.

    It is a 2006 white, 4杁oor Pontiac. It has Nebraska plates with the number 18朘𢴔.

    Police say they have reason to believe the two may have been in the Denver area Monday.

    If you have any information your asked to contact police.

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    I'm starting to think we need to give psych exams to would-be teachers. Not that it works all the time (i.e. NASA!), but it might help out a little.

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    Just another article, not much new:

    from: http://www.kearneyhub.com/site/news....=577608&rfi=15

    Lex teacher, student missing; Authorities issue kidnapping warrant

    I think this is weird:
    It is believed that they passed through Grand Island and were last known to be in Denver.
    Grand Island is in the complete opposite direction of Denver. If you're leaving Lexington to head to Denver, you go West on I-80. GI is East of Lexington. The whole thing just makes me sick.

    My husband works with a guy who went to high school with Kelsey, so I'm trying to get the inside scoop. I'll let you know if I hear anything else.

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    What is she thinking?!

    Lexington Police Department Investigator Paul Schwarz said they have been placed in Denver and Grand Island and were last believed to be in Ogallala.

    The warrant says Lexington Superintendent Todd Chessmore seized Peterson's school-issued laptop, where officers found several e-mails and letters that say she loves the student and that she thought he also loved her.

    Peterson's father also gave the Lexington Police Department several letters that were found in her home.

    The letters were written by the student while he was at the Nebraska Boys' Ranch in Alliance and call Peterson his "Baby Gurl." One letter also says that, "his relationship with her is just not about the sex."

    On Monday the student's mother and sister told police they had received a call from him between 1 and 2 a.m. Saturday saying he was in Grand Island with Peterson. The student also sent a text message to his brother saying he was with Peterson and he is OK, and the student's aunt said he had asked her on the phone if a visa or passport is needed to enter Mexico.

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    Well the latest unverified rumor is that she also has a 9 year old son. I don't know if she's married or anything more than that. Take it with a grain of salt - I definitely am, but that's what's floating around the rumor mill here.

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    eeee... Now it's hit the national news... from abc.com:

    Police Hunt for Teacher Who Fled With Boy, 13

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    How DELUSIONAL do you have to be to think that a 13 year old is in love with you, and vice versa. Seriously.

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    My god, thats just weird. I mean maybe if she was just a couple of years older than him but shes 25!She must know deep down its not gonna last forever!

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    Not much news today. Here is one article, with a little more information on a school computer containing information:


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    Are you kidding me????? Another one?!? WTH is going on with our teachers these days?
    I just really don't get it. Please someone help me understand I'm getting scared to send my children to school.

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