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    Law Requires IDing Sex Offenders On Drivers License

    Several new laws go into effect Thursday. And, while the new immigration law is getting most of the attention, another one will force sex offenders to get a special label printed on their drivers license. State leaders passed the bill to identify violent sex offenders quickly and hopefully deter future crime.

    The law only applies to habitual or aggravated offenders. State leaders say the label will help police identify offenders quickly and that maybe if offenders have the stamp in plain view on their license, it will prevent them from committing another crime.


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    Oh that's great! I was actually just thinking today that they should do something like this. Long story but I thought they should do that. Imagine my surprise reading this here tonight! LOL

    ETA, okay usually when you check into a hotel you need to show your DL (an ID, most people use the DL). I got chewed out today for refusing to carry a radio with me (by someone not my superior). Then the manager brought me a radio saying 'if something happens in this building I need to be able to reach you all' (I work in a hotel). I saw the point of that, so I'm not refusing it anymore LOL. That also got me thinking about how you never know what kinds of weirdos might check in, and that combined with the sex offender stuff that has been on my mind lately led to the thought about ID'ing them through some mark on their DL's.

    There's the long story after all.

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    I think thats great that they did this. Anything that could help identify another sex offender. Also you have these people that are supposed to register as sex offenders and don't register will have to if they want their drivers license(since we hear cases all the time that some person was a sex offender, never registered, and did it again.)

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    Stalking laws!

    I want to see all states update and meaner stricter laws against stalkers, because what I have researched is unbelievable. These people are users and take total advantage of those who they stalk by using tactics that keep thier victims with in arms length and keeping them also in limbo with no where to go. I know all about it, It is not funny when you know you are being watched and stalked and when you talk, no-one really believes you..they think you are just making yourself think it is happening. Not at all!....A person knows when they see the same vehicle everywhere they go or the same type of vehicle with those same back lights and when they go home, a car is just back so far you can't see the license plate and they keep up but just at a speed where they know you see them. At night it is even more scarier because they got you just where they want you...In a state of not knowing what you should do? I can tell you this..what I read is they never let you go and later it could get worse because they will tend to try contact....and that is where it gets deadly most often. This is one Law that should spell out to those stalkers.... Going to jail or even prison and Listed just as they do just for that of rapists and murderers ...because when these guys act out that is usually what happens down the line.Stalking is like a drug and the stalker always wants more and it leads to deadly circumstances. If someone says I will get you later or watch your back the rest of your life..all I can say is keep watching your surroundings and take every effort to read all you can on how to protect yourself and also talk to the police if you can, even if the police don't take a closer look at your situation .....if something does happen at last they will have a place to start searching if you go missing. It's not a game folks... it's a tragedy and once your tagged your always the game. Stalkers take your life and put terror in to whats left of your life and most often they get away with what they are doing thinking they won't ever be figured out because they go just so far without the police catching them...You know it and I know it and I would like to see stalkers not just get a slap on the hand and let loose to do more....They need to be put behind bars and listed on a criminal record and DNA-ed and have their photos put on the crime list just like rapists. Because when you have years of your life taken from fright, it's the same as being a victim of a violent rape.Your always on the "On-guard" as to when or where you will bump into or be grabbed by that stalker and wondering if that will be the last day of your life also. Stalking (Is a crime!) at it's worse and no joke!

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    This is a start, I am all for a tattoo of RSO on their foreheads, then when these pigs show up outside schools and playgrounds our kids will see them for what they are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elle1919 View Post
    This is a start, I am all for a tattoo of RSO on their foreheads, then when these pigs show up outside schools and playgrounds our kids will see them for what they are.
    Yeah, not so sure we could pull this off, but I'd donate to help pay for them!! anything that would help ID a monster.

    Makes it kinda hard when mom invites them home and let's him be the daddy! I hope for her (the mom) sake the monster who lived in their house was not in the area and has an iron clad alibi for the day that precious little 5 yr old went missing from the park. Little Nevaeh, deserved better!!
    Thank you my WS family for everything you do, everyday. You are loved and appreciated.


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