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    Free Madeleine Missing Posters

    As many of you, I am truly appalled that the McCanns are charging for missing posters of their child. I make a motion that we all create our own and distribute them free of charge to anyone who wants one. Most of us have some sort of photoshop, myspace, and photobucket type accounts. Lets all get busy making up posters and putting them out there for people all over the world to download and print for free. We don't need a couple million pounds to find Madeleine.

    What do you all say?

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    I second the motion

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    Great idea but frankly I would wait to see if this latest report about DNA evidence is verified.
    Personally & unfortunately, I do not think that Madeleine is alive anymore. Therefore I think it may well be a futile exercise. However, I applaud your idea to show up these money grabbers for what they are! Selling those posters is one of the very despicable things about this case!
    Really everytime I think of what they are doing on that website I feel nauseated! As if I would give one tuppenny damn about raking in the bucks if my little girl was missing. Damn it I love to shop but I could not spend one farthing of money gained in this manner even for food, I would rather starve to death!

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