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    WI - David Landwehr, 22, stabbed to death, Beloit, 19 Sept 1988

    I wasn't quite sure where to post this. There's no thread that I can find for David, so I've decided to start one here. The slow wheels of justice have finally started spinning. Dumb luck and fate finally came together to catch a murder suspect from years ago.

    Suspect nabbed after Washington traffic stop

    BELOIT — For Dolores Skilling, the 19 years since her son’s murder have produced many painful reminders that the man accused of stabbing David Landwehr to death in Beloit in 1988 had somehow managed to avoid capture.


    My husband came home from work ecstatic the other day. He'd been on the phone with my MIL and she told him the news about David's killer. This was a family story that I'd never even heard about!

    David was the son of my FIL's half brother. So I guess he's my step-cousin by marriage?

    The really weird thing about this is that when I met my husband, he was living in Seattle at the time. Sharing a town with a murder suspect of one of his family members and didn't even know it. Weird thing part two. . . family scuttlebutt is that David's father, my husband's step uncle, doesn't know yet that his son't suspected killer has been found. Why? Because he's currently incarcerated. . . and it's believed that it's somewhere in the Seattle area.

    Thanks for letting me share. Here's hoping David's suspected killer isn't allowed to make bail and disappear for another twenty years.

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    This link says he was sentenced to 15 years in January 2009.



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