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View Poll Results: What do you think happened to Stacy?

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  • Drew is responsible for Stacy being missing.

    33 5.27%
  • Drew is responsible for his 3rd wifes death and Stacy being missing.

    586 93.61%
  • Drew is responsible for Stacy being missing but has nothing to do with his 3rd wifes death.

    4 0.64%
  • None of the above. We don't know anything yet.

    19 3.04%
Multiple Choice Poll.

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    They are searching Hammel Woods County Forest Preserve for Stacy's remains. That is about 15 miles from Drew's house and straight down the #I-55.

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    Nov 2012 search ends for stacy peterson

    Here's the latest news on LE ending their search for Stacy...

    Per the famous blue barrels Drew Peterson had at his home, IMO he put Stacy in the barrel and went flying the plane and maybe when it was getting dark, he dropped her from the plane into a large body of water...


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    Quote Originally Posted by TallCoolOne View Post
    If memory serves me correctly he had three days when he took off on his motorcycle and was unaccounted for. Too bad LE wasn't on top of their game at that time and followed him. If they had, we probably wouldn't all still be here wondering what became of Stacy. Instead we'd be here celebrating his remaining in prison for the rest of his miserable life (in general population as long as I'm wishing here...... LOL)

    Tall Cool One--- Don't forget Drew was in the Shorewood area of Scott Rosetto's home when Stacy disappeared.. Drew knew Rosetto lived there and seems like he intentionally made cell phone calls while there.

    The rumor is Drew wanted to implicate Rosetto.

    Stacy Peterson's friend Scott Rosetto, who admitted exchanging sexually explicit messages with her in the month before she disappeared, lived in Shorewood. The night Stacy disappeared, cell phone tower pings from calls to Drew Peterson's phone indicated he was in the Shorewood area, which could explain why State Police were there searching.

    One of the theories in this case was that Drew Peterson trying to draw attention to Rosetto because it was actually Stacy's Phone, under Drew's account that pinged near Rosetto's house.

    Read more: http://www.myfoxchicago.com/story/20...#ixzz2CX7tt4nV

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    Regarding earlier post about access to crematorium. I worked with a man some time ago who worked in the security department of a large medical institution, he was also a local part-time cop. He had access to a crematorium. If I remember correctly, he oversaw the disposal of expired medications and such. He indicated that medical waste, including body parts were disposed of there. No doubt, there were checks and balances in this system, but does cause one to wonder if Drew might have had similar access/connections.

    I also agree with previous posters on the ICK factor. He creeps me out big time. As most know, sociopaths are adept at luring their victims with their hallmark trait of "charm." We might not see it, but I can see where a young and impressionable woman could easily get hooked in. I also read some time back that he has started another relationship with a woman from jail. What is it going to take to stop this guy?

    I hope they find her soon and Drew gets that smug off his mug. Just MOO. Yuck.

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    There has been a skull found; and right away I wondered if this was stacy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cherry View Post
    There has been a skull found; and right away I wondered if this was stacy.
    Any update on this discovery? TIA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suthrnqt View Post
    Any update on this discovery? TIA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leomoon80 View Post
    Scary crazy weird how Roger Sweet sounds just like Drew Peterson.

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    I think DP murdered SP in their bedroom that very morning.
    He had all the bedroom doors closed on that floor.
    He had the kids up late, to sleep late.

    I think he put her in the barrel that day. Then waited.
    He had to get his plan in motion.
    We remember he spoke to Tom Morphey the night before for help.
    He told Tom that he wanted his help and that Tom didn't need to know any details.
    He did not say what he was going to do, or who he was going to do it to.
    He simply made sure Tom was loyal to him.

    I think that night when SP sister CC called Drew (via the records) he had his near and dear friend Michael J Robinson assist him after Tom assisted moving the barrel from the bedroom to the Denali.
    I think MR met with DP to dispose of the barrel. Then put SP vehicle (Grand Am I believe) at the Airport to make it seem as though SP herself left it there.

    I believe since Tom Morphey did not get the rental facility DP so desperately paid 2K for, he worked with MR to get their own rental space.
    Since DP would shortly be under the radar, MR disposed of the barrel in to the rental unit, most likely towards where they both were so familiar in the town where DP lived with his first two wives and previously own the Suds bar.

    I believe after some time MR removed her remains from the barrel due to the highly publicized search for the rental unit, and the barrel.
    Remove her remains from the barrel as to not adding any evidence pointing to DP.
    Keep the rental unit with the empty barrel
    Bury the mother and wife he so desperately murdered.

    MR goes under the radar even though he assists DP when he can with the new cell phone and coming to DP's house and writing notes that they so shorty after burned.

    DP has his publicity and feels he got away with it.
    MR disappears (while never moving out of the area)
    DP quits the force and gets his pension that he never has to share with his last two wives that he murdered.
    goes on from 2004 (Kathleen's murder) to 2012 getting away with it.
    Kills Stacy because she had enough knowledge about Kathleen's murder.
    He brags. He always has. But he only bragged to her after she catches him coming home with Kathleen's last worn clothes wet from the bathtub as he is putting them in the washer/dryer.
    He gets questioned in the privacy of his own BB department.
    Stacy gets questioned in the comfort of their own home with Drew sitting right next to her to make sure she only says what he told her to say.

    Grand Jury... not enough to press charges on him for murdering Stacy.
    Goes on living his retired life with pension, Kathleen and Stacy's kids.
    Lives in the house where he killed her and on the bed that Stacy was murdered on.
    So happened to be the same bed that was Kathleen's after he killed and buried her.

    No regrets killing these women.
    Can it be more morbid? Yes.
    Oldest son takes care of the children and raises them in the same house he killed Stacy in.
    Keeps Stacy's car, and Drew's car. all with Drew's money.

    This is an opinion thread right?
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    Just wanted to say you are not forgotten.

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    I know this is a long shot but has anyone looked on google maps for the blue barrels in areas where Drew could have gone?

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    I hope they put the kabosh to it, I wish they'd put the kabosh to his smugly self.

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