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    Self-made photos foil crooks fun

    ATLANTA - Three robbers shouldn't have been too surprised when they heard their crime was caught on camera. After all, they took the pictures themselves.

    Michael Lee Merritt, 18, Wendell Mackey, 20, and Darnell Robinson, 22, playfully took snapshots of themselves while driving around in a stolen SUV after robbing 35-year-old Eric Haney on Dec. 18, 2001. The three ambushed Haney at gunpoint outside his apartment, then went inside and took DVDs, a video game machine and clothes, police said.

    After their joyride, the men unwittingly left the disposable camera in the car, helping police identify and track them down. In one of the photos, Merritt smiled smugly while wearing the victim's black leather jacket.


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    lol, don't we wish all crooks were as stupid. If you think about it, some of the things people do makes NO since what so ever!

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