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    VA - Jayne McGowan, 26, killed in home invasion, Charlottesville, 8 Nov 2007


    Two men arrested for capital murder.

    Scroll to the bottom of page to se pics.

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    Good! Now if only these 2 pigs could be shot for what they did to Jane. They deserve no trial.

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    VA-Jayne McGowan ... Charlottesville


    Police announce the arrest of two men in Jayne McGowan's murder.

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    Two suspects face 4 charges in the murder / robbery.

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    It is so sad when a good person's life is taken this way. She sounds like a wonderful person and my heart goes out to her family.

    I'm glad they have found the suspects.

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    Jayne's Obituary

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    From March 2009:


    Gentry, 23, will spend life in prison without the possibility of parole on a capital murder charge. Circuit Court Judge Edward L. Hogshire also sentenced him to life on a robbery charge, 50 years on a breaking and entering charge and 13 years total on three firearm charges...

    According to authorities, Gentry and Pritchett were looking for money when they saw McGowan’s computer through a window. McGowan, who was inside watching TV and ironing curtains for the AIDS/HIV Services Group’s 20th-anniversary gala she was planning, answered the knocks at the door after Gentry identified himself as Albemarle County police.

    Authorities have said McGowan tried to give them money, but she didn’t have any. Gentry, who police said thought she was pulling a gun out of her purse, shot her in the head with a .22-caliber revolver. He shot her twice more while Pritchett sought out the laptop, police allege. Pritchett is accused of firing a fourth shot with a .380-caliber semi-automatic pistol before the pair left in McGowan’s 2001 Nissan Sentra.
    From March 2010:


    Michael Pritchett will spend the rest of his life in prison for the 2007 murder of 26-year-old Jayne McGowan.

    Pritchett received a life sentence without parole on his capital murder charge. In addition, he received 50 years for a robbery charge, 20 years for breaking and entering and three years for each of the three firearm charges...

    Pritchett told police he fired the fourth shot because McGowan was suffering, but the judge said he should have called 911, and that was an impact in the sentencing.

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