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    VA - Alexander Glanz, 6, abducted & murdered, Richmond, 3 Dec 1980

    Alexander Glanz
    age 6
    Abducted and Murdered on 3 December 1980
    Richmond, Virginia


    Alexander was last seen getting off a school bus near his home on 3 December 1980.

    His body was found by hunters three days later in a wooded area in eastern Henrico County, VA. He was wearing only underwear, was bound at the wrists and ankles and had suffered numerous cuts and scrapes.

    The Medical Examiner determined that he died from prolonged exposure.


    John Bradley Crawford had served 25 years in prison for abducting two young sisters before being indited in September 2006 on charges of abducting and killing Alexander Glanz.

    Crawford's first trial ended last March when a mistrial was declared. A new trial starts today, 26 November 2007.
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    Poor little thing. Alex was abducted from my hometown, but this had happened years before I was born. My prayers are with his mother. He was her only child.
    Does anyone know where I can find a photograph of Alexander?

    Thank you.

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    Prolonged exposure is a bad way to go. I can imagine this poor baby out there just hoping to be found. I'm sure all he wanted was his mommy to come, hug him and wrap him in warmth and love. Just thinking about this poor child upsets me. I could not imagine if something like this happened to my son. I think it would be me on trial for murdering Crawford.

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    This case is very sad. I have been following it closely. I live in this area and was only 7 myself when this happened. You can see his sweet little face here http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg...GRid=23919892&
    And the animal that commited this crime here http://http://www.mechlocal.com/inde..._glanz_murder/

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    This is the sad thing!!!

    2nd mistrial declared in'80 abduction, slaying

    Frank Green
    Mar 14, 2008 (Richmond Times-Dispatch - McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) --

    A second mistrial was declared yesterday in the case of John Bradley Crawford, charged in the 1980 abduction and slaying of 6-year-old Alexander Paul Glanz.

    The forewoman of the seven-man, five-woman Hanover County jury said that after just two hours of deliberation, jurors were hopelessly deadlocked.
    The outcome leaves unresolved the 27-year-old killing of the Highland Springs Elementary School first-grader and the future of Crawford, who has finished his prison sentence for the 1981 abduction of two Mechanicsville girls.
    Hanover County Commonwealth's Attorney R.E. "Trip" Chalkley III said after yesterday's proceedings that he had not decided whether to seek a third trial.
    A hearing has been set for Tuesday morning, when bond for Crawford is expected to be argued, assuming that a third trial is sought. Crawford was not charged in the Glanz slaying until 2006, as his prison term for the abduction of the girls was about to end.
    Ed Riley, one of Crawford's lawyers, said, "everybody is upset and frustrated because this is a very emotionally charged case."
    "It's very difficult to defend, very difficult to prosecute . . . it's not easy for anybody," he said.
    Two jurors contacted last night spoke on the condition their names not be published. One said the panel was split roughly seven for conviction and five against. Some were "on the line," others, he said, "wanted a smoking gun."
    Another juror said, "I think the consensus was that there was a strong belief that he was guilty, but there just wasn't enough to connect him personally to it."
    "The most difficult part, really, is looking at the little boy's [death photographs] like that, knowing that somebody did this and not being able to have a conviction of the person who did it, whether it was Mr. Crawford or not," said the juror.
    Diane Glanz, the boy's mother, would not comment. But Pat Sledd, her aunt, said, "It's very sad; we can't believe it. Maybe we'll get him next time." Sledd said she thinks Glanz could handle a third trial. "I'll be there for her," she said.
    Glanz and Crawford's father, John C. Crawford, witnesses at both trials, attended much of both of them. They were courteous, if not friendly, to each other, and each separately expressed sympathy for the position of the other.
    After the mistrial yesterday, the elder Crawford said, "It's a disappointment. The wheels [of justice] grind slowly. . . . It couldn't wind up any other way, I suppose."
    Alex Glanz disappeared from his Oakleys Lane home after school on Dec. 3, 1980. His slight, pale body was discovered by a hunter along Cold Harbor Road in Hanover County by a hunter on Dec. 6, 1980.
    The boy's ankles and wrists had been tightly bound, and he was wearing only his socks and underpants. He had been sexually molested and died of exposure in the wooded area where he was left.
    Crawford, who worked for his father's pest control business, was an early suspect. The company had a contract to conduct annual inspections of the house where Glanz and his mother lived.
    No DNA or fingerprints tied Crawford to the crimes, nor did tire and foot impressions or hair analysis.
    Much of the prosecution's case against Crawford depended on similarities and alleged links between the Glanz abduction and that of the two girls. One of the girls, now an adult but then 10 years old, testified this week against Crawford.
    A state chemist back in 1981 testified that tests run in his lab found chemical compounds -- one of them chlordane -- used in a pesticide on the bindings of one of the abducted girls, the binding used on Glanz and on clothing worn by Glanz and Crawford.
    It was the same pesticide found in barrels on the back of Crawford's pickup truck.
    However, an expert, Harold M. McNair, testified yesterday that a second type of test should have been conducted to confirm the results that identified the chemicals.
    In his closing argument, Chalkley said, "There is fingerprint evidence in this case; it's chlordane and it's everywhere the defendant went."
    But Riley disagreed, telling the jurors, "It's not anything like a fingerprint." The chemicals were commonly used in pesticides at the time. There were also problems with the testing and the safeguards taken to ensure the evidence was not contaminated, he argued.
    He concluded by telling the jury, "The only thing worse than to let what happened to Alexander Glanz go unpunished is to send an innocent man to jail. If you find him guilty, this is what you're going to do."
    But Chalkley, who as the prosecutor got in the last word, countered, "Thank goodness you won't have to send an innocent man to jail."
    "Who speaks for Alex? Who speaks for the little boy torn from his mother?" Chalkley asked, urging the jury to do so by finding Crawford guilty.

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    Southwestern Maine is home but I'm not there nearly often enough
    Unfortunately from a prosecution point of view the case against Crawford is almost impossible to win, the evidence required to convinced a jury or a judge is seriously insufficient and even a very average defense attorney wouldn't have much trouble getting Crawford off the hook. I doubt the prosecution will appeal the mistrial, the risk of it resulting in an acquittal is much too high.

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    30 years ago...

    December will mark 30 years since this little boy was so brutally murdered. His killer has never been convicted for this crime.

    Here is some info on the guy who probably killed Alex:

    Offender Name: Crawford, John Bradley
    DOC Number: 1127956
    Inmate Number: 395584
    Gender: Male
    Race: White
    Location: Sussex I State Prison, VA
    Projected Release Date: 01/21/2042

    He is serving time for the abduction of two little girls in 1981.


    Commonwealth of Virginia - Department of Corrections - Offenders, Offender Locator



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    Homicide victim's father is a retired detective
    Posted: Dec By Evrod Cassimy
    Dec 09, 2009 8:32 PM CDT
    Updated: Dec 09, 2009 10:00 PM CDT
    Hewlett's efforts helped convict John Crawford of murder in the death of Alex Glanz. An appeal by Crawford in that case was recently denied by a judge. Crawford is currently serving a 70 year prison sentence.
    Interesting article on this case from 2006

    A Final Ending?
    It was a cold case they couldn't forget. A first-grader's body left near the woods, bound with rope. But after 26 years, detectives say they're ready to indict the man they think killed Alex Glanz. And it may be just in time. by
    Style Magazine
    Richard Foster

    Alex Glanz, 6, always called his mother as soon as he got home from school. But on Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 3, 1980, the first-grader at Highland Springs Elementary School didn't call as usual after the school bus dropped him off around 3 p.m.

    Diane Glanz, a single mom, got home from her job about 5, right around sunset. She found Alex's keys still in the front door, his school books lying just inside While helicopters searched from overhead, police divers combed creeks and the nearby Chickahominy Swamp, and bloodhounds searched the woods and fields for any sign of the boy...

    Looking at various workmen who'd done jobs at Diane Glanz's rented home, they learned that Mechanicsville-based Crawford Exterminating had an annual extermination contract with Glanz's landlord. They zeroed in on Crawford.

    The 20-year-old son of the couple who owned the business, John Bradley Crawford, had been arrested in March 1980 and charged with sodomizing a 4-year-old boy.

    On Monday afternoon, May 18, 1981, Crawford pulled his white pickup truck up to a home in Hanover's Studley area and went to the door of the house, where sisters Kelly June Sutton, 10, and her older sister, Lea Ann, 15, were home alone.

    "I believe he was claiming [to have] a disabled vehicle or something along those lines," says Sgt. Drew Darby with the Hanover County Sheriff's Office. "He asked to use the phone. Once he gained entry, he had the upper hand, and at that point, he abducted both girls."

    The similarities between the Glanz case and the Sutton sisters' case "were so outstanding," Hewlett says, "that there was no doubt in my mind [as a cold-case investigator] and in [original Henrico investigator] Jim Dorton's mind that John Bradley Crawford was the person who had probably assaulted and killed Alex Glanz..."

    So why weren't abduction and murder charges brought against Crawford for the Glanz case in the 1980s?
    Much more at the link

    Always give generously of yourself to support your beliefs. And when you're knocked down, give more.

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    From December 2008:


    A Hanover County jury this afternoon found John Bradley Crawford guilty of first-degree murder and abduction with intent to defile, and later said he should serve 70 years in prison for his crimes.

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