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    NY - Marlene, 42, & Nashan Platt, 22, found dismembered, Bronx, 18 Nov 2007


    (Click on the video too in the middle of the article.)
    11/27/2007 --
    A 24-year-old man was arrested for fatally shooting his mother and brother, chopping up their bodies and dumping them in the Harlem River, police said Tuesday.
    Lamar Platt is under arrest on murder charges, the New York Police Department said, adding that the Bronx resident dumped the bodies in the river near Roberto Clemente State Park.
    (more at link)

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    He doesn't look that old - looks like just another kid at my daughter's school. One of many just like him. Scary to keep having examples that a kid can look like everyone else and do something like this.
    FUN... is a renewable resource!

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    They'll probably try for an insanity plea and stick him in Kirby..

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    It freaks me out that a 24 yr old kid (all right, MAN) can chop another person up like this guy did. I don't get that.

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    My dearest Taximom,
    I am lost for words.

    Thank-you for posting the article.

    Much Love and Respect for you,

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    From March 2010:


    Lamar Platt will spend the next 40 years of his life in a state prison – 20 years for killing his mother and 20 more for killing his younger brother...

    Marlene was a nurse’s aide and a single mother who had struggled to make sure both her children would be able to go to college. Nashan was set to graduate from Lehman College the year of his death...

    Platt has been lucid since his arrest. Gallicchio said he had been found to be clinically insane, but personally chose a prison sentence over an indefinite stay at a psychiatric facility.

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