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    TX - Marjorie Dabney, 70, Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, 5 Dec 2001

    Tarrant County Medical Examiners have determined that the remains found by Lewisville Dam are human. More at the link:


    I have contacted the Lewisville police investigator in hopes that these remains may be my brother. Lewisville is relatively close to Fort Worth, where my brother was last seen.

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    Oh Kaelee - I can't imagine how difficult this wait is for you and your family.

    I will be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers as your search for your dear brother continues.

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    TX - Marjorie Dabney, 70, Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, 5 Dec 2001

    Marjorie Dabney disappeared during a lay-over at Dallas Fort Worth airport seven long yrs ago while traveling with her husband who was wheelchari bound. An airport attendant took her husband to the restroom and they were going to meet at the gate. She never showed up. Her remains were found and identified this week in a field miles from the airport. Cause of death was blunt force trauma.

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    This is so sad. I hope they are able to retrieve evidence and find the monster who did this.
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    how sad.

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    How horrible, her poor family.

    I wonder if someone lured her from the airport, or if she wandered away on her own and just happened to meet up with a monster. I hope they can solve this one.

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    That is terrible. I've heard so many stories of missing people with Alzheimers. I hope they find the monster that did this.

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    Glad to see this here! I must have posted at the same time in the missing/found section. I deleted that, but here is what I posted.


    This is so confusing, why was the family/husband able to sue AA? Were they to take care of her and assure she went from gate to gate safely? If she had Alzheimer's, why did they think she could navigate the airport alone?

    How on earth did she get out of the airport w/o video evidence?

    "A mysterious disappearance of an Alzheimer's patient during a layover at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport seven years ago became a homicide case Monday after an examination of skeletal remains found miles from the airfield."

    I'm glad the family has closure.
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    The mystery of what happened to 70-year-old Margie Dabney deepened Monday when officials ruled the Indiana woman's death a homicide.
    Remains found at Lewisville Lake last year have been linked through DNA to the missing Alzheimer's patient, who disappeared nearly seven years ago during a layover at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.



    <LI class=g>Dallas Morning News, The : Traveler's fate should not have...

    $2.95 - Dallas Morning News - Nov 21, 2008
    ... were found 11 miles away in the tangled underbrush near Lewisville Dam ... In the years since Margie Dabney was lost better strategies for helping ...

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    Listed as a cold case by the Lewisville PD:


    On the day she went missing, Dabney was wearing a dark two piece knit suit, a black faux leather jacket, and a rainbow color scarf. She carried a beige purse and a shopping bag but did not have money, her family told investigators at the time. She wore a tag identifying her as an Alzheimer's patient.

    Marjorie Dabney was last seen... walking northbound along the roadway at 1800 N. Service Rd on airport property. She did not have access to a vehicle. It is believed that she walked from the area or was given a ride by a passing motorist. Dabney's remains were found approximately 15 miles northwest of the DFW International Airport.

    There have been few investigative leads in the is case.

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