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    FL - Miami-Dade Co., Human bones at contruction site, Nov'07

    May I please ask if anyone has heard of this?Is this recently?Does any one know more on this or can you please keep me up dated on this?

    Bones Found At NW Miami-Dade Construction Site

    MIAMI -- A South Florida construction site was crawling with crime scene investigators on Thursday night.

    Workers dug up what appeared to be dozens of human bones.

    The site is in the area of Northwest 79th Street and 32nd Avenue in northwest Miami-Dade County.

    Authorities said the bones were still being collected. They will be sent to the medical examiner's office for forensic testing.
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    Good grief!!
    Can you turn around in Florida and not stumble over a human skeleton??!!
    Is it just me or is this situatation getting out of hand?
    It would be interesting judging from the topics in many of the forums on this board to see a graph comparing Florida for unidentified remains and missing females and unsolved murders in relation to the other 49 states.
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    Bones Found Miami - Cold Case Investigations

    Link are outdated but the quote here confirms that they were in fact human bones and describes how they were found:

    Police confirmed on Thursday night that the bones were, in fact, human remains.
    "I was about to throw up," construction worker James Lemon said. Lemon and his fellow construction worker made the discovery.
    "Then about two feet down in the ground, you see the bag," Lemon said. "It smelled like dog, a dead dog."
    The land filled with brush and debris is registered to I.L. Industries Corporation in Doral.
    According to authorities, they are treating this recovery as a murder case. The construction worker that found the body, said the corpse was inside a plastic bag, badly decomposed, and was wearing a wrist watch

    Has anyone ever died naturally and then put themselves in a bag two feet down in the ground.
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