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    Siegfried and Roy may be back

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    Never saw their show and now maybe I will get a chance to.
    What a wonderful display of human determination!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JanetElaine View Post
    HAHAHA, JE! My one sibling sent my mom and another sibling to Vegas a few years back. All expenses paid and the gambling money and all. He also got tickets for them to see Siegfried and Roy's show. Here it was the night poor Roy was attacked. We're all home swearing we saw my mom's big, stick up hair smack in the front. We're worrying sick and calling them. They turned their cellphones off. Here they didn't even know what happened. Why? Cause they never made it to the show. They were gambling all the loot away that was set up for the rest of the week.BUSTED! They were gonna lie and say the show was good. Roy truly has great will and strength. Love them two.

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    We got lucky and saw them the year before it happened. We had seats in the orchestra pit and the animals were so close it was neat.

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