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    Photos Show Wendys Restaurant Workers Bathing In Kitchen Sink

    ADVANCE, N.C. -- State law requires restaurant workers to keep their hands clean. Two employees of a Wendy's in Davie County took it a little further.

    Health officials said the two workers were photographed bathing in a dishwashing sink at the fast-food restaurant in Advance. The sink has cleaning jets and is normally used to wash pots, pans and other cookware.

    Davie County Health Department Director Barry Bass said photographs of two men in swimsuits taking turns bathing in the large, bubble-filled sink prompted an investigation. Bass said while he's never seen anything like it, the act didn't pose a health hazard.

    Health officials said the restaurant manager assured them that the sink had been sanitized.

    Story from Wxii12.com

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    Makes you think twice about eating their again! lol..bubbles to go!

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