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    Smile Maine Shoe Co. Founder Leaves College $ For All Maine Babies

    Maine Shoe Company Founder Leaves Every Child Born in State $500 College Down Payment
    Tuesday, December 11, 2007
    AUGUSTA, Maine Every child born in Maine will be eligible for a $500 college savings nest egg, thanks to the generosity of a shoe company founder who never attended college himself.
    A foundation started by the late Harold Alfond, founder of Dexter Shoe Co., will give new parents an opportunity to sign up for a $500 down payment for their young son or daughter's college education.
    The pilot program that kicks off on Jan. 1 through MaineGeneral hospitals in Augusta and Waterville will expand statewide in January 2009, officials said Tuesday. (more at link)


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    What an awesome man; such a generous heart...
    Anything I post is just my opinion and intended for entertainment purposes only.

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    OMG .... is this really true?? my hero!!! if only all wealthy people would do such things. this guy should be front page news, everywhere. which would probably inspire a lot of one-up-manship, which would be a good thing.

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    I saw this story yesterday. Wow! What a man! Reb, you were saying something about wealthy people doing stuff like this. Joe and Kathryn Albertson started Albertson's right here in Boise, Idaho and lived here until they passed. They died billionaires and left massive amounts of money to Idaho school children through their foundation. Their's is an awesome story of generosity, too. I got to know Mrs Albertson a bit and she was an incredible woman and just about as humble as can be. Here's a bit on Joe and Kathryn:



    eta: at the time I posted this, I didn't know the exact amt left, but the website says that Kathryn gave $660,000,000 in stock to the foundation prior to her death.

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    One thing is giving the money away... it is a whole other field when he not only makes a financial difference, but a life difference: many kids grow up to never have a chance to get to taste how good a college education is. He is giving them that chance and it will change their lives... bravo to him!

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    There are good people in this world !!!!

    I wish there were more people like him!!!!
    Joann thank you for showing me all the beautiful things in this world especially yourself!!!

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