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    MD - Tiffany Michele Goines, 12, Frederick, 5 Dec 1987

    20 years ago...

    Tiffany Michele Goines
    Missing since December 5, 1987 from Frederick, Maryland.
    Classification: Endangered Missing

    Vital Statistics

    Date Of Birth: December 22, 1974
    Age at Time of Disappearance: 12 years old
    Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5'0; 78 lbs.
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Black female. Black hair; brown eyes.
    Clothing: She was wearing large round brown framed glasses. She also had on a white sweatshirt, brown gloves, blue pants, a white belt and white shoes and socks.

    Circumstances of Disappearance

    Goines was last seen in Frederick, Maryland on December 5, 1987, getting into a red convertible. Tiffany left home in the morning, to run errands for neighbors. When she hadn't returned home by the evening, her mother searched the area, then called the police.

    Tiffany was a 6th grade student at the time of her disappearance.


    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    Frederick County Police Department
    Det. Michael Hansell

    NCIC Number: M-277043753

    Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

    Source Information:

    The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children
    Child Protection Education of America
    The Doe Network: Case File 954DFMD



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    Another case I hadnt heard of till now! This part was so heartbreaking to read:

    ''For 20 years, Betty Goines has not slept in her bed, but rather on the family sofa in the living room ‘‘so maybe when she knocked on the door, I’d be there.''

    I hope the mothers gut feeling is right and her daughter is still alive.

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    20 year anniversary article...

    Thursday, Dec. 6, 2007
    ‘I know she’s alive’
    by Keith L. Martin

    Though she has not seen her daughter, Tiffany, in 20 years, Betty Goines still feels her presence.

    Darting four fingers repeatedly into the middle of her chest, the 61-year-old Frederick native explains that Tiffany, who disappeared without a trace on Dec. 5, 1987, is out there, waiting to come home.

    ‘‘I know she’s alive,” Goines said, as tears welled up in her eyes. ‘‘It is a feeling you get. A lot of people ask me how I take it for so many years ... but I have this feeling that keeps me going. It’s [motherly instinct], or I think it is anyway.”

    Betty Goines last saw her younger daughter, Tiffany Michele, early on a cold December morning 20 years ago. The little girl — 5 feet tall, 78 pounds — with big glasses was out in the neighborhood around the family’s home in the former John Hanson Apartments on North Bentz Street. Tiffany didn’t check in at her normal time — 5 p.m. — for dinner.

    ‘‘[Tiffany] was so cheerful,” Betty Goines said. ‘‘She liked to help people out ... so she would go to the store for our neighbors and some would send her to pay their bills ... and she got paid in return.”

    By 9 p.m., with a cold rain starting to fall, Betty Goines got worried, no longer confident her 12-year-old daughter was at a girlfriend’s house. That is when she started yelling Tiffany’s name.

    Family members rode around town all night searching for Tiffany. Waiting the obligatory 24 hours to declare Tiffany a missing person, Betty Goines filled out the paperwork the next day with Frederick police.

    Tiffany, a sixth-grade student at Gov. Thomas Johnson Middle School, was last seen wearing a white sweatshirt, blue pants, brown gloves, a white belt, white socks and white shoes. Eyewitnesses say the girl was last seen entering a red convertible in the area.

    Neither Tiffany nor the red convertible has been seen since.
    Sgt. Bruce DeGrange of the Frederick Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division said the department continues to investigate Tiffany’s disappearance, but has not found a new lead in the case ‘‘for some time.”

    For 20 years, Betty Goines has not slept in her bed, but rather on the family sofa in the living room ‘‘so maybe when she knocked on the door, I’d be there.”

    In 2005, when the Hanson apartments were demolished, Goines moved. She has spent the last two years at College View Center nursing home on Toll House Avenue, recovering from illness.

    She is hopeful that soon, she can move in with her sister, Barbara Jordan, in a place familiar to her and Tiffany on Pennsylvania Avenue. ‘‘[Tiffany] knows where my sister lives,” Goines said. ‘‘She can show up there.”

    The mother of three has a theory that ‘‘somebody took [Tiffany]” but still feels her daughter is alive and well and perhaps has a family of her own now.

    ‘‘I think about how she is now [almost 32 years old],” Goines said. ‘‘I picture it as her having children and that means I got grandchildren somewhere.”

    Jerry Nance handles Tiffany’s case at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (www.ncmec.org) in Alexandria, Va. He said the agency continues to follow the case, but unfortunately, a lead has not come in a long time. ‘‘Someone out there knows something and after 20 years, we think it is time to come forward,” Nance said.

    The center works with families and law enforcement agencies, using resources such as a vast database and contacts in numerous states and countries to help reunite lost children with their families.

    Goines says each year, Dec. 5 is a ‘‘sad day, with little crying spells,” but Dec. 22, Tiffany’s birthday, is spent surrounded by family, including son Larry, 35, and daughter Tara, 31.

    This year is Tiffany’s 33rd birthday. Betty Goines is hopeful that by the time her daughter turns 34, she may be able to celebrate alongside her.

    ‘‘I would tell her that her mother is still waiting for her to come home and I hope she comes home,” Goines said. ‘‘It would ease my mind.”



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    since when was it 'obligitory' to wait 24 hours to report a CHILD missing. that's only for adults

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    Oh, just wait a while and she will come home...

    Quote Originally Posted by kbl8201 View Post
    since when was it 'obligitory' to wait 24 hours to report a CHILD missing. that's only for adults
    Any excuse is a good one when you don't want to do something.

    Seriously, though, this kind of attitude regarding missing children and the resultant lapse in time can mean the difference in life or death.

    In recent times with the Amber Alert system active in most states, missing children are given more rapid attention by law enforcement officials.
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    even if there was a mandotory 24 hour wait most missing kids parents would be on the phone to the police from the get go......

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    I wonder how long it took for the info on the vehicle to come out. The slow reporting in this case was most certainly its undoing--A red convertible, in Maryland, in winter, would have stuck out like the proverbial "sore thumb". I think its safe to say that most people from that area north don't drive convertibles in the winter unless it happens to be their only car.

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    TIffany's case was briefly mentioned on Nancy Grace America's Missing:


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    Vanished: The case of Tiffany Goines


    Updated: Thursday, November 29, 5:15 PM

    Tiffany Goines put on her blue jacket and asked her mother if she could go over to a friend’s house in December 1987. It was the last time Betty Goines would ever see her daughter. Today, Anqoinette Crosby, a contributor to The RootDC takes a look at the unsolved case of Goines, whose story has been largely ignored by local media.

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    No updates, now over 25 years missing


    It has been more than 25 years since Tiffany Goines disappeared at the age of 12. But police in her hometown of Frederick are continuing to work on her case.

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    A year later, a neighbor mentioned to Goines that she had seen Tiffany climb into a red convertible the day she disappeared near her home at the former John Hanson Apartments on North Bentz Street.

    “I said, ‘If you had seen her, why didn’t you come knocking on my door and say something?’” Goines said. “She said she thought I knew it, but I didn’t know nothing.”

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    Missing for 27 years tomorrow. Tiffany would be 40 on December 22. I wonder if they have any sort of leads for this case.

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