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    Canada - Neil McDougall, 40, Ayton, Ont, 12 Oct 1985

    Two decades after Durham demolition worker Neil James McDougall vanished police are finally looking for evidence to convict his killer.

    The McDougall investigation “is getting down to the meat and potatoes,” West Grey Police Sgt. Jeff Beselaere said. It was reopened in earnest a year ago. He expects a resolution one way or another within six weeks.

    Although insurers finally declared McDougall legally dead in 1996 — a struggle that took wife, Mary Ellen, through despair, desperation, a suicide attempt, three lawyers and a private investigation — his case became primarily an unsolved homicide investigation only last spring.

    That was after Mary Ellen McDougall and Mary Ellen Rodriguez, an Ohio clairvoyant she befriended 18 months ago, asked West Grey Police Services to again open the investigation she believes was misdirected for years by “the perpetrators.”

    Neil McDougall went out after supper Friday, Oct. 12, 1985, and never came back. His wife has always believed he was killed that night.

    The case is one of five unsolved suspected homicides profiled in The Sun Times this past week.

    If not for information she and psychic Rodriguez discovered, police would not have reopened the investigation, Mary Ellen McDougall believes.


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    Posted 2 years ago

    This week, The Sun Times profiles five of our neighbours whose disappearances or murders remain unsolved. They include Lois Marie Hanna and Lisa Leona Maas, two women who disappeared without a trace within two weeks of each other in July 1988, although their cases are otherwise unrelated. And we’ll tell you the stories of Neil James McDougall, who vanished in October 1985, Gregory Murray Lembke, who was killed in January 1992, and Gregory Dale Stoutenburg, who was killed in February 2004. Police have identified either “persons of interest” or potential suspects in all five of these cases.
    a couple of articles about James located here.

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    Neil McDougall of Durham, was 40 at the time of his disappearance.

    He was last seen October 12th, 1985 around 2 AM when he left a home in Ayton... His vehicle was located near the point McDougall was last seen...

    The Government of Ontario is now offering the 50 thousand dollar reward, hoping to solve the cold case.

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    The OPP announced the reward, which is offered by the Ontario government, to coincide with Ayton's homecoming event this weekend, McDougall's wife, Mary Ellen McDougall, said Saturday in an interview...

    McDougall left Durham Three-Way Demolition early the Friday of his disappearance. A co-worker followed him home. They had a discussion and the man left. After supper McDougall went to Ayton to look for the co-worker, without success, at the Commercial Hotel. He left the hotel with someone else, before closing time, and they met up elsewhere with the co-worker. McDougall was last reported alive at 2 a.m. Oct. 13, 1985...

    During the first weeks and months after McDougall disappeared, police officers, tracking dogs, volunteers, family and friends, OPP divers and a helicopter scoured fields, roadside ditches, river and stream banks and the Ayton reservoir.

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