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    Sheriff accused of having handcuffs removed from boy with torch

    Lincoln, Nebraska-AP -- A rural Nebraska sheriff is being sued for having a pair of handcuffs removed from a student, with a torch.

    The student had been handcuffed by Sheriff Larry Donner -- who had been invited to speak at a Burwell High School.

    The lawsuit claims the handcuff key broke and sheriff had a welding shop remove the cuffs with a torch.

    The lawsuit claims the torch caused third-degree burns to Seth Barrett's wrist, which later required surgery.

    Story from wlox

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    now that's about the stupidiest thing he could have done! Welding torch! jeez that would have been painful. I don't know about this officer but most LE have a ton of those handcuff keys laying around, so why not call a fellow officer to the scene?

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