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    $85,000 reportedly taken from jackpot winner's residence

    State Police are investigating another apparent theft at the Putnam County home of Powerball winner Jack Whittaker, where investigators say the multimillionaire was robbed of about $85,000 early today.

    State Police spokesman Sgt. Jay Powers could not go into specifics of the alleged theft, but he confirmed police were investigating an incident at Whittaker's Scott Depot residence.

    Randy Parsons, owner of Teays Valley Auto & Truck Service, said a Dodge Caravan was stolen off his lot about 3 a.m. today. He was told by a trooper from the Teays Valley State Police detachment that the people who stole the vehicle, believed to be a man and woman, drove the car to Whittaker's Scott Depot home and took $85,000 out of one his vehicles.

    Parsons was told the incident was caught on tape, but the images of the suspects are not clear.

    Parsons learned of the theft about 7 a.m. today. When he was told, Parsons said he started driving around to try to locate the vehicle. When Parsons arrived at his shop, an employee told him the car was parked at a nearby grocery store.

    Parsons went to retrieve the vehicle. When he did so, he said he found a $5,000 cash bundle with Whittaker's name and a date stamped on the band. He said the roll consisted solely of $100 bills.

    Whittaker was the sole winner of a $314.9 million Powerball jackpot on Christmas 2002.

    Story from the Daily Mail

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    This guy has had more $$ stolen from him in the past couple of months than I can believe. Someone needs to take it away from him and give him an allowance.
    He had $500,000 in cash stolen not too long ago along with two or three other incidents.
    That's what happens when you have a little too much from a bottle. You lose all sense. (IMO)


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