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    PA - Khayr Cash, 7 mos, dies of head trauma, Scranton, 4 June 2007


    CMPD arrests Pa. man wanted for infant's death 2:38 PM

    02:38 PM EST on Tuesday, January 1, 2008

    By WCNC Staff
    E-mail Us: NEWS@WCNC.com

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A man wanted for the alleged murder of a 7-month-old baby in Scranton, Pa., was arrested Monday in Charlotte, according to Scranton police.
    Michael Blakey, 30, was arrested after a six-month manhunt involving police and FBI offices in Scranton, New York City and Charlotte.
    In June 2007, Blakey was watching 7-month-old Khayr Cash at the child’s house when the baby was assaulted, police say. The baby died two days later of skull fractures as a result of the assault.
    Blakey allegedly fled Scranton after the child’s death. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police found him on New Year’s Eve when they tried to arrest him for marijuana possession.
    He allegedly resisted arrest, and then gave CMPD a false name. He was later identified with his fingerprints.
    Blakey is in the Mecklenburg County jail awaiting extradition back to Lackawanna County in Pennsylvania.
    Happy New Years

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    My dearest Teonspaleprincess,
    Thank-you my dear for posting this thread.
    Sad to say, this type of crime hits too close to home for me.

    So much Love and Respect for you,

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    I'm so glad that this creep has been arrested. Hope he gets a long sentence. It seems that a lot of men have no patience with babies and small childen and this is what happens.

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    I hope he's behind bars for life.

    RIP, Khayr.

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    I doubt this POS would last long behind bars having killed a baby. He'll be on the bottom rung and Bubba's gonna get em'.

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    I wish that ALL CHILD MOLESTERS, CHILD MURDERS, Etc., would just bypass trials and go directly to the death chamber.

    No insanity pleas, no he said/she said, no nothing, if that person did the crime...GOODBYE.

    I believe in the death penalty, eye for an eye. All these child molesters, murders are is a WASTE OF SPACE on earth. They are useless, no good POS! Why waste money just letting them sit in jail? Maybe that sounds heartless but what about all the innocent children/babies who suffered??? What about their right to live? Some POS took that away. I get so depressed about this stuff.

    My best friend's daughter was molested about 8 years ago by her mom's ex boyfriend. She has just told her mother about 2 months ago. I told her mom she should go to the authorities but she is dragging her feet. I tried to explain to her that she can possibly save another child from that monster. I've always had a very bad feeling about him when they were dating, he never wanted me around. She finally got rid of him a few years ago..THANK GOD...I sometimes see him in town, and my friend begs me not to say anything to him, but I swear if I see him again, I am gonna spit on him. I hope she changes her mind & lets the authorites know what kind of pig he is. He is getting away with this. She said that he has a new girlfriend with a little boy...I pray he has/isn't molesting him.

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    Teon, thanks for this link as well. I was wondering about this guy. Busted over weed posession. Mum, I am very sorry for your friends daughter, and your friend as well. I absolutely understand your point. However, there's so many aspects that your friend is dealing with and not dealing with. Hopefully she'll get her daughter counseling. Going to the authorities will bring up so many issues, and sounds like she don't know how to deal with that. Think about it as a mom. Maybe you can get them to go to a rape crisis center. They know how to handle that and would help. Indeed he will hurt another child. Absolutely.

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    Michael Sean Blakey

    Jury Trial
    Location: Graterford
    Sentence Date: 10/30/2008

    Offense: 1st Degree Murder
    Sentence: LWOP

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    Throw away the key........

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