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    NC - Robeson Co., Human remains in woods, Jan'08 - Lisa Hohman

    Human Remains Found in Woods Near Maxton

    Posted: Today at 5:43 p.m.

    Maxton — Robeson County authorities were investigating the discovery of human remains late Tuesday.
    Several men found the remains in some woods near Maxton, authorities said.

    more at link

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    Always so sad to hear of someone being found like this. I hope they find out who it is

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    Being it is from NC, Kyle Fleischmann instantly came to mind...

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    Could be

    Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
    Missing Since: July 7, 2004 from Maxton, North Carolina
    Classification: Endangered Missing
    Date of Birth: May 5, 1977
    Age: 27 years old
    Height and Weight: 5'7, 185-190 pounds
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Graying dark brown hair, blue eyes. Locklear had a goatee at the time of his disappearance. His nickname is Little Dee. Locklear is of Native American descent. He has a three-inch-tall tattoo of praying hands on the inside of his left wrist and a one- to two-inch-tall tattoo of the word "Lumbee" on his upper right arm. Locklear's left ear is pierced and he has a small strawberry birthmark on the back of his neck under his hairline and scars across the insides of both his wrists. His shoe size is 9 1/2, his pants size is 38, and his shirt size is XL.
    Medical Conditions: Locklear has severe asthma.

    Details of Disappearance
    It is believed that Delwin was last seen in a wooded area behind his residence in the vicinity of the 200 block of Nina Road in Maxton, North Carolina on July 7, 2004. It is unknown what clothing he was wearing at the time, but he usually wears baggy shorts or jeans and t-shirts or button-down dress shirts. He is known to have been wearing a diamond stud earring and two gold rope chain necklaces at the time of his disappearance, and he may be carrying a brown leather bi-fold wallet and a black leather tri-fold wallet.
    An extensive search of the Maxton area has not turned up any clue as to Locklear's whereabouts. His case remains unsolved.
    Investigating Agency
    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    Robeson County Sheriff's Department

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    Good possibility there ChevyTX! Welcome to WebSleuths!

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    NC-Lumberton, Skeletal Remains Found 1/08

    Human bones found in woods
    LUMBERTON - Agents with the State Bureau of Investigation this morning were gathering evidence from some woods where human bones were found Tuesday night.
    Sheriff's Maj. Howard Branch said lawmen do not have an identity of the person whose bones were found, and he did not know if the dead person was a male or a female.
    He said deputies went to the scene, a wooded area off Cabinet Shop Road near U.S. 74 West, about midnight on Tuesday after three men reported that they had stumbled across the bones.
    Branch didn't know the names of the men or why they were in the area.
    Branch did not want to characterize the condition of the bones, saying that deputies “secured” the scene but did not disturb it so that it would be intact when forensics experts from the SBI arrived. He said the area was in thick woods, about 75 yards from the nearest home.
    Branch said that he hopes an identification can be made by using dental records or DNA. He said he was uncertain if there was clothing or other evidence at the scene that might help with the identification.
    He said that the Sheriff's Office does have a “theory” about the discovery.
    “We're thinking it may be a person from that area ...,” he said. “There's one in that area that has been reported missing.”
    Branch did not want to provide the name of the person who has been reported missing.

    Monica Caison
    CUE Center for Missing Persons
    PO Box 12714
    Wilmington, NC 28405

    (910) 343-1131
    (910) 232-1687 24 Hour Line
    Email: cuecenter@aol.com
    Website: http://www.ncmissingpersons.org/

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    Was there ever anything more about these remains? Were they ever identified?
    Opinions expressed are strictly my own (who else would they belong to???)

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    Lisa hohman: Remains found on new year's day

    I think the remains were identified as Lisa Hohman an endangered runaway from Maxton, NC.

    Here is the link:

    From AP
    Posted: Jan 9, 2008
    Updated: Jan 18, 2008
    ROBESON COUNTY — Human remains found last week in Robeson County have been identified, authorities said Wednesday.

    Lisa Hohman, 16, of Maxton, disappeared in May 2005. According to the NCMEC database, Lisa Hohman was considered an "Endangered Runaway." Hohman's remains were found by several men late on New Year's Day in some woods not far from where the teenager lived.

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    Thank you!
    Opinions expressed are strictly my own (who else would they belong to???)

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    No link but it might be this article

    It says three men found bones off Cabinet Shop Road in Lumberton on Tuesday night. Unsure which Tuesday as it's only dated "three years ago".

    However, I think this thread deals with the same case.
    Identified! NC - Human Remains Found in Woods Near Maxton, 1 Jan 2008 - Lisa Hohman - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    It's a bit confusing with Maxton and Lumberton and the weirdly dated articles and I initially thought it was two different cases but I think it works out.

    LUMBERTON - The state Medical Examiner's Office has identified bones that were found last week near the Evans Crossroads Community as belonging to a 16-year-old girl who disappeared in 2005.

    Sheriff Kenneth Sealey said this morning that the dead person was Lisa Hohman. He said a positive identification was made by the use of X-rays.

    The Robesonian received a death notice today on Hohman that listed her as 18 years old, but she was three days past her 16th birthday when she disappeared on May 28, 2005. Sealey said the finding shifts the focus of the investigation.

    “We are now treating this as a homicide investigation ... now we are trying to find out what exactly happened,”

    The bones were found in some woods on New Year's Day, about 75 yards from 750 Jacobs Road, where the Purnell Swett student lived with her mother.

    She was found on New Year's Day and 01/01/2008 was Tuesday. The addresses given
    are different but it turns out that Cabinet Shop Road and Jacobs Road have an intersection.

    Cabinet Shop Rd, Rowland, NC 28383 to 750 Jacobs Rd, Maxton, NC 28364 - Google Maps

    Also, this article about the discovery near her home says three men found the bones.
    Evidence points in Hohman's direction. Although investigators don't yet know whether the bones are from a male or female, a sheriff's report says a black bra was found with the remains. Also, Hohman lived in a mobile home at 750 Jacobs Road, about 75 yards from the grisly discovery.

    According to a sheriff's report, three men, Keith Locklear, Kenneth Hammonds and Gary Ransom, called the Sheriff's Office at 11:22 p.m. Tuesday to say they had found what appeared to be human bones in some brush and beside a fallen tree. Deputy Steven Lewis' report said the tree “appeared to have been cut down a few years back.”

    Jacobs Road, which is off Cabinet Shop Road near U.S. 74 West, is about 20 yards from where the remains were fond.

    All three men live at 750 Jacobs Road, where Hohman, a student at Purnell Swett High, lived before she disappeared. Hohman's mother, Samantha Locklear, also lives at the address. Keith Locklear is Samantha Locklear's brother. Ransom is Samantha's boyfriend.
    A dog pen is about 10 feet from where the body was found, and neighbors said there are typically dozens of animals in the pen. On Wednesday, the pen was empty. A large wooden sign near the driveway reads “Dogs And Puppies For Sale.”

    Sheriff's Lt. Kathy Torre said the men said they were checking their dogs when they stumbled across the bones.
    On the one-year anniversary of the discovery of her bones, no one has been charged with Hohman’s murder.
    Her missing poster and information that the case was still unsolved in 2009.

    I find it a bit odd that the dogs with the dog pen 10 feet away from the body wouldn't have found it sooner.
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