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    Posters: I have 24 hours in which I can update this post. So please pm me or email me @ littledeer45@hotmail.com with additions/corrections. Thanks!

    12/14/07 to 12/31/07

    12/14/07 (Friday)

    : CL reports to duty
    AMW: Maria reports to work - Ends @ Noon
    Noon: Work Ends for X-Mas Party on Base
    Marines: CL does not attend X-Mas Party
    AMW & Marines: Maria does not attend X-Mas Party
    2:30 p.m. Maria talks to Mom (Dayton Daily?)
    Maria withdraws $700 from BoFA ATM (Fox video)
    ATM timeline w/Maria's card. Transcation images show:

    12-14-07 FRI
    ... 16:19:38 -- Maria? approaches Stage R. Sunglasses. Hoodie sweatshirt.
    ... 16:19:41 -- Lettering on hoodie spells _AYTON?
    ... 16:19:49 -- May be DAYTON.
    ... 16:19:57 -- Maria? looks stage Left (toward her R shoulder)
    ... 16:20:01 -- Maria? half in shot -- some background visible.
    ... 16:20:03 -- Maria? w/left hand to chin.
    ... 16:20:18 --
    ... 16:20:39 -- Maria (pregnant, hair pulled back, sunglasses) exits stage R.
    5:00 p.m. Maria purchases 1 way ticket to El Paso, Texas (Last sighting of Maria)
    AMW & Marines : Durham finds Note
    Marines: Durham calls Maria's Sister
    Marines: Durham talks to Maria's Mother

    12/15/07 (Saturday)

    Cesar tells Christina in Note (found 1/11/08 by Christina) that Maria arrives at their home; went to bus station with Maria to purchase ticket; Maria comes back later in the evening, Maria kills herself.
    (Per Christina as told to Sheriff's Office on 1/11/08 and filed in Search Warrant dated 1/12/08).
    Christina Laurean told police she was at a Christmas party for her husband's Marine unit during the late afternoon and evening of December 15, Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown told CNN. Her husband did not attend the party, she told authorities.

    12/16/07 (Sunday)

    Fox News:
    CL borrows shovel from neighbor Alender
    AMW: CL @ Lowe's purchases supplies, paint, concret blocks, and wheelbarrow. (On tape)
    Alender: Sees CL driving Maria's Car (Could be the 17th)

    12/17/07 (Monday)

    12/18/07 (Tuesday)

    Maria's Mother Notified by Marines of UA Maria

    12/19/07 (Wednesday)

    Ohio LE contacts Military & Sheriff's Office about Maria Missing
    AMW: Maria fails to report to work, Durham gives note to CO, CO go to Durhams home, find car missing, personal belongins missing, Maria listed as deserter by Marines
    AMW: Maria's cell phone found along HW 24 by stranded motorist, motorist calls Maria's sister, sister says turn phone in

    12/20/07 (Thursday)

    Durham notifies CO he is leaving 12/27 to CA for duty

    12/21/07 (Friday)

    Marines: Base Holiday

    12/23/07 (Sunday)

    Alander; FOX:
    Loreans had/held X-Mas eve backyard bonfire with Marine friends.
    12/24/07 (Monday)
    Marines & AMW: Male withdraws $400.00 from Maria's Bank Account using Marine Federal Credit Union ATM in Jacksonville, NC

    ATM timeline w/ Maria's card. Transcation images show:

    12-24-07 MON
    16:59:36 -- View of lot/street in background.
    16:59:38 --
    16:59:40 -- Arm in tee-shirt w/knit cap in hand.
    16:59:43 -- Knit cap blocking camera shot.
    17:00:58 -- Exit stage R. Male. Tee-shirt & jeans. Knit cap on head.
    17:01:01 --
    17:01:02 -- Car (Maria's?) driving toward stage L in background.
    17:01:05 --

    Photo below clips: Cesar? Stage R ATM. Knit cap. Tee-shirt w/logo.

    Other clip: Cesar later on 12/24 (according to JWalsh on AMW 1/19/8) shopping at Lowes. He's wearing a dark sweatshirt over a light tee-shirt (direct overhead view).

    AMW @ http://www.amw.com/fugitives/video_photos.cfm?id=52333
    FOX: CL seen shopping @ Lowe's
    FOX: Loreans hold X-Mas Eve bonfire with Marine friends in back yard

    12/26/07 (Wednesday)

    Marines & AMW:
    Maria misses doctor's appointment.

    12/27/07 (Thursday)

    Contact Maria's Mom - Mom states no contact with Maria since 12/14/07.

    12/28/07 (Friday)

    Marines: Marines collect belongings of Maria's from Durham's home

    No activity found from 12/28 to 12/31. (?)

    I'm posting the Sheriff's timeline of events as presented in their video.

    Last edited by Littledeer; 01-24-2008 at 06:42 PM. Reason: Adding rest of December events; adding type of ATM's used

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    Excellent, LD!! At least, this gives us a place to start to peel the layers back and maybe find the truth. If we are grappling with the different timelines...what in the world is LE doing?! Are they comparing notes to the other entities and taking stock in the differences?

    A quote spray painted on the wall by search
    and rescue workers, Team 5, at the OKC Bombing site 4-19-1995.

    What I post are my opinions only.

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    I have not been able to view the actual videos from the ATMs. Three questions on the ATM videos:

    1) It was posted elsewhere that they were from the same ATM - can anyone confirm if they are indeed from the SAME ATM?

    2) Was the lettering on the hoodie in red - if so likely "DAYTON" as her mom works for Univ of Dayton. Colors are red and blue - might be grey sweatshirt with red lettering. If so, it IS almost certainly her or at least HER sweashirt.

    3) Is it sunny on the first video? Otherwise why wear sunglasses?

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    Quote Originally Posted by btbsmith View Post
    It was posted elsewhere that they were from the same ATM - can anyone confirm if they are indeed from the SAME ATM?
    NOT, the same ATM!

    Maria used a BofA ATM in the 14th..........

    Cesar used the Marine Federal Credit Union ATM on Christmas Eve

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    Quote Originally Posted by btbsmith View Post
    I have not been able to view the actual videos from the ATMs. Three questions on the ATM videos:

    1) It was posted elsewhere that they were from the same ATM - can anyone confirm if they are indeed from the SAME ATM? . . .
    I think I might have been the "elsewhere"!
    Thx to you, LD and TG for that info.....
    I put a correction on my thread.

    Oh... you also asked about the sunglasses.
    It was 4:20 in the afternoon, so not too
    sunny, but the glasses weren't very dark, either.
    Maybe she had been crying?

    Capture Cesar!

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    Timeline for January 2008 (1/1/08 to 1/16/08)

    12/31/07 (Sunday)
    Been reported that Loreans held a New Year's Eve bonfire (?) No proof

    1/3/08 (Thursday)

    Inventory taken of Maria's belongings and reinventoried.

    1/4/08 (Friday)

    Marines request 10 day letter(?). Want additional information from Maria's mother on when Maria called her on 12/14.
    (Is this the 3 page letter that Maria's mom writes where she says Maria is bi-polar and a compulsive liar?)

    1/7/08 (Monday)

    NCIS learns about cell phone discovery; ATM withdrawals, and Greyhound Bus ticket.
    (Someone please pm on date of cell phone discovery and link please!)

    Maria's mother and her brother (Name?) show up on base. 1st Indication of foul play by Marines.

    AMW: CL questioned as possible witness to Maria's disappearance.
    AMW: Lauren asks to leave work to meet with civilian attorney.

    1/8/08 (Tuesday)

    Protective Order is reissued. Had lapsed from 12/24 to 1/7 due to administrative oversight.
    Marines: 5th WMPO written, effective until 3/28/08.

    1/9/08 (Wednesday)

    CL at Sheriff's Office - No Miranda Rights given.

    1/10/08 (Thursday)

    CL calls in for leave - to meet with attorneys. Leave approved.
    CL calls in for leave later in the day for the possibility of meeting with attorneys on Friday. Leave approved but to call in the am if he cannot not report to work.
    FOX: Alander's wife sees X-Tina and CL talking in yard

    1/11/08 (Friday)

    Week before 1/11, X-Tina tells Alander's wife that she and CL were painting the inside of garage and some rooms in home.
    Marines: CL doesn't call in. Fails to report to work. Is reported UA.
    AMW: CL doesn't report to work.
    Sheriff's Office holds press conference.
    - Maria believed to be dead and buried in Onslow County
    - CL considered POI
    Christina gives note to authorities
    FOX: Alander's wife sees CL in driveway getting ready to leave in his truck @ 6:30 A.M.

    1/12/08 (Saturday)

    Remains found in CL's backyard.

    1/13/08 (Sunday)

    CL spotted @ Shreveport bus station

    1/14/08 (Monday)

    Autopsy confirms remains are those of Maria and baby GIRL.

    1/15/08 (Tuesday)

    CL's truck found at Microtel Inn & Suites off Airport Blvd. in Morrisville, NC (less than a mile from Raleigh/Durham airport).

    1/16/08 (Wednesday)

    Eyewitness News:
    Two letters sent to X-Tina from CL from Houston, Texas.

    Again, I don't have much time to go hunting around, please pm me or email me @ littledeer45@hotmail.com with info. to insert within the next 24 hours.

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    TIMELINE PRIOR TO 1214//07

    (Special thanks to Steadfast and SS for their help in this timeline)

    In this timeline, most of the information is from the Marines unless otherwise noted. (Please keep in mind, I am bringing forward my hastily written notes and therefore, not all information is correct). If someone else, got information from the Marine Press Conference or any later press conference that contradicts what is here, PLEASE PLEASE let me know so correction can be made!)

    Cesar A. Laurean enlists in the U.S. Marine Corps.
    Laurean joins his current unit, a combat logistics regiment based at Camp Lejeune, N.C.

    Maria Lauterbach enlists in the U.S. Marine Corps.

    Lauterbach joins Laurean's unit.


    First assault by CL on Maria


    Second sexual assault by CL on Maria


    Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach reports two encounters of a sexual nature with Cpl. Laurean to her supervisor. She
    reported that the first encounter occurred on March 26, the second about two weeks later. At that time, a pregnancy
    test was performed, which came back negative. (No rape kit used)
    Rape Investigation Opened by NCIS.

    order given to CL barring any communication or contact with Maria. To stay 1,000 feet away.
    Maria moved to another duty office building across from base from Laurean for job duties.
    The commander deemed it appropriate to move LCpl Lauterbach as her new duty location co-located her with her Uniform Victim Advocate. At this point, there have been no charges preferred, the evidence did not contain elements of force or threats, and there were no indications Cpl Laurean was a flight risk. The regimental commander considered these factors and Cpl
    Laurean’s military character and decided pre-trial restraint was not appropriate.


    NCIS inverviews CL and he denies any rape sexual contact with Maria.

    5/18/07 to 5/24/07

    Maria on leave in Ohio.


    Company commander follows up the order of May 12th, with 2nd Military Protective Order effective through June 24th. The MPO was established to preserve the integrity of the investigation and
    developing case, it was not based on any perceived threat towards LCpl Lauterbach.

    Written order issued barring contact or communication between Lauterbach and Laurean.

    May 2007 (Not substantiated anywhere, but adding it in here)

    Cesar Laurean tells Christina that he has been accused of rape by a junior Marine.
    He tells her that he did not do it. ...

    6/19/07 to 6/24/07

    Maria takes annual leave to Ohio.


    WMPO written eff. until 9/24/07. Again, the MPO is renewed to preserve the integrity of the investigation and developing case, it was not based on any perceived threat towards LCpl Lauterbach. Additionally, there is no indication that LCpl Lauterbach and Cpl Laurean have been in contact in any way.

    Maria seeks medical (pregnancy) test. Tests positive for pregnancy. Estimated time of conception is 5/14/07.

    7/11/07 to 7/26/07
    CL on leave.


    A man calls Maria's (Lauterbach's) name and punches her in the face, knocking her down. Maria does not file a formal complaint. Later, somebody keys her blue 2006 Hyundai Sonata from the front door all the way to the back of the tail lights.

    NON MARINE DATA: Date (?) Maria tells her mother about confrontation with Christina. Christina calls her a ***** and says "What are you doing to us?"

    Maria requests permission to move into off base housing. Request approved 10/31/07.

    4th WMPO written. Effective until 12/23/07.

    9/26/07 to 10/2/07
    Maria on leave.

    NCIS recommended no disciplinary action in the rape case "until forensic evidence DNA can be retrieved
    from the baby."

    Witnesses questioned in rape investigation. Article 22 can have witnesses, questions, etc. New services for Prosecutor to review.

    Maria's request to move off base approved.


    AMW & Marines: Maria moves off base into home of Sgt. Durham
    Trial council reinterviews Maria, at which time she adjusts her statement to say that her pregnancy was not the result of a sexual assault.

    11/607 to 11/13/07
    Leave for Maria or CL?? Didn't catch who had the leave.

    Maria shows for Doctor's Appointment
    Her obstetrician said her baby weighed more than 6 pounds.

    Trial council discusses what possible charges -- if any -- would be filed against Laurean.

    That's it. This part is from Steadfast which I am putting here.

    Ashley Dupuis, 19, a friend from boot camp, called in early December to see how Maria was doing.

    "She was really down and out," Dupuis recalled. "It was not like her."

    Maria once loved the Marine Corps so much she had a USMC bulldog tattooed on her upper right arm.

    Now, Dupuis said, "She didn't like it and she wanted to get out."
    around Dec 7th Pete Steiner, said that Lauterbach — stung by the harassment that eventually forced her to move off
    base — decided to drop the rape case against Laurean the week before she disappeared.

    Nothing until 12/14/07 when IMO all hell breaks loose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littledeer View Post
    11/607 to 11/13/07
    Leave for Maria or CL?? Didn't catch who had the leave.
    Leave for CL

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    This is probably a good time to review the timeline to refresh our memories. I had forgotten some of the facts that we had.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlowerChild View Post
    IF CL (or Xtina) went over driving Maria's car, and slipped quietly and quickly in and out would the neighbors have noticed it wasn't Maria? She had only lived there short time too - some neighbors might not have even known she was living there.

    Did they recover Maria's keys?? Her house key?
    What paper was the note written on? Something from the house -- or a piece of paper from somewhere else? Where was the note left?

    Since I don't think Maria was planning to go anywhere I also doubt she wrote the note - and if she did, I feel it was probably done under duress.

    I hope the experts can tell! (and I cannot believe it just occured to NCIS to check out the note!

    My Opinion....
    All very good points...
    we know WHO always thought they needed to write notes about everything and to everyone....this tells me...Maria's note was not her ideal...

    Nothing points to Maria leaving for good, maybe the weekend...imo

    Who would walk off and leave the military and everything she owned?

    What about her car, medical expenses and belongings? Leaving all that behind, 7+ months pregnant riding on a bus, and having only $700.00...no way....it doesn't make any sense to me.

    I read somewhere she had one outfit with her, the type she would wear to a nice gathering or party.....
    was she planning to go to the christmas party or out to dinner with someone, possibly spend the night with someone or a far out theory, thinking she was getting married that long weekend....jmo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seven View Post
    This case is definitely in the twilight zone ...... What are the odds that notifications about different occurrences on different dates (12/14/07, 12/15/07, 12/24/07, and 01/07/08) were ALL "received by the command" on ONE date, namely, 01/09/08?????

    "I’d like to discuss briefly some specific information received by the command and when it was received:

    • Information regarding a $700 ATM withdrawal made on December 14th was provided to the command on January 9th.

    • Information regarding the purchase of the Greyhound bus ticket to El Paso on December 15th was provided to the command on January 9th.

    • Information regarding LCpl Lauterbach’s cell phone being recovered and the circumstances of the recovery was provided to the command on January 9th.

    • Information regarding an unidentified male withdrawing $400 from LCpl Lauterbach’s account on December 24th is provided on January 9th.

    • Information regarding LCpl Lauterbach’s vehicle being found near the Greyhound bus station in Jacksonville on January 7th was provided on January 9th."


    My, what a coincidence!
    I don't find it odd. All of these things were uncovered by the Sheriff's department during their investigation. I supposed this is when the OCSD detective met with NCIS and told them of what they had uncovered up to that point.
    "Pardon Our Noise, It's the Sound of Freedom" USMC New River Air Station, Jacksonville, North Carolina

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seven View Post
    I got this from the LeJeune presser timeline (thanks again, Close)

    "On Friday, December 14, 2007, LCpl Lauterbach reported to work as normal. The work day ended at 12 noon as the command was having a Christmas party. Attendance was not mandatory and LCpl Lauterbach elected not to attend. ...

    . . . when Sgt Durham arrives home from work, he finds a note left for him by LCpl Lauterbach stating, “I could not take this Marine Corps life anymore. So I am going away. Sorry for the inconvenience. Maria.” Sgt Durham notices that some of her personal items are missing. She does not leave the house key behind. Sgt Durham calls LCpl Lauterbach’s sister concerning the note. Shortly after this conversation, LCpl Lauterbach’s Mother calls Sgt Durham. Sgt Durham text messages a junior member of LCpl Lauterbach’s work section indicating his belief she was going into an Unauthorized Absence status, commonly referred to as “going UA.”


    * Since the work day ended at 12, I wonder what time Durham got home and read the note? IOW, how much time elapsed between the time Maria left work and Durham found the note she supposedly wrote?

    * Does anyone know what the sister supposedly said?

    * Maria had just moved into the house with Durham on 11/05 ...... and by 12/14 Durham knows enough about her "personal items" to know some of them are missing?

    * Why did Durham give official "UA" notice via text message within such a short time of reading the note? I mean, wouldn't most people be more likely to wait a day or so to see whether she would call or change her mind come back? Why get her in trouble on 12/14 when she wasn't due back on base until Monday 12/17? Is this the way Marines normally treat each other?
    I think Durham is a fine Marine and no matter how passionate he may have been about helping Maria he could not cover for her. He had to think about himself. They would ask him how long he had had the note and imo he was not going to lie about it so he did reported it as he should have.

    I do think he thought the note was from Maria and did think she had gone UA.

    I don't believe Durham is in the same MOS as Laurean and Maria. He may have had to work his full schedule which most likely would be until 4:00 pm then like most they go to the bank after work especially on payday.

    "Pardon Our Noise, It's the Sound of Freedom" USMC New River Air Station, Jacksonville, North Carolina

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