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    Timeline - no discussion

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    Golfmom posted:
    Compiled by LITTLEDEER

    My recap of presser is long: Skip over if not interested.

    This is what I have from my hastily written notes during the press conference. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT THESE ARE NOT FACTS. Only what I scribbled and I am not PERFECT. Question marks are because I did not hear specifically and will not make a guess on what was said.
    If there is anything GLARING WRONG, PLEASE PLEASE CORRECT!!! Also, add what I didn't catch!
    This looks real nice here in my WordPad, but it will probably come out all scrambled once I copy to WS. so sorry!!!!

    March 26 and April 11: Two Sexual Assaults (I have 5/26 written down as the second date?) The first ones are from a poster.

    May 11: Chief Officer notified...Went to UAA (Forgot what this acronym stands for)

    Date (?): Medical Exam done on Maria
    No Rape Kit
    Pregnancy Test: Negative

    May 11: Rape Investigation Opened

    May 12: WMPO Written: Leauran to have no contact with Maria: 1,000 feet away
    Maria Reassigned Across Base
    Supposedly still interact daily: But no signs of force or threats known or seen

    May 18: Cesar Denies Rape Allegation

    May 24: 2nd WMPO Written

    May 18 to June 24: Maria on Leave in Ohio
    Comes back on base June 25th: Exhibits no sign of anxiety, etc.

    June 25: 3rd WMPO Written: Effective until 9/24

    June 27: Maria seeks Medical Test, Tests positive for pregnancy. Estimated time of conception 5/14/07

    July 11 to July 26 - Cesar on Leave
    Comes back on base: No indication of contact between him and Maria

    September 17 (?) Maria request off base housing

    September 20: 4th WMPO Written: Effective until 12/23

    Officers (NCIS, JAG) ? developing Case

    September 26 to October 2 - Maria on Leave

    October 18: Maria told DNA needed from baby

    October 22: New Services for Prosecutor to review
    Article 22: Can have witnesses, questions, etc.

    October 23: ?????

    October 31: Maria's request to move off base approved

    November 5: Maria moves: Rent's from Durham

    November 4 to November 13: Leave - LA? Possibly talking about Durham????

    November 26: Maria shows for Doctor's Appointment

    December 14: Cesar reports to duty (Not at x-mas party) Not mandatory to show
    Durham finds note from Maria: I'm going away.......finds items missing (clothes, personal items, and car)
    Durham calls Maria's sister and also talks to Maria's mother
    Supposedly Command is not notified until December 27 (about what??)

    December 18: Maria's mother notified

    December 19: LE in Ohio contact Military and Sheriff's Office about Maria being Missing

    December 20: Durham notifies Commander he is leaving on December 27 to CA for duty

    December 21: Holiday on Base (?)

    December 24: $400 withdrawn from Maria's account (some heard $700)

    December 26: Maria doesn't show for Doctor's Appointment

    December 27: Base calls Mom: She states no contact with Maria

    December 28: Maria's belongings are taken from Durhams Home

    January 2: ????

    January 3: Inventory taken of Maria's belongings and reinventoried

    January 4: Marines request 10 day letter (?) Want additional information from Mother when Maria called her

    January 7: Maria's Mother and Uncle show up on Base: 1st indication of Foul Play by Marines

    January 8: 5th WMPO written: Effective until March 28, 2008

    January 9: Laurean @ Sheriff's Office with Attorneys (?): No Miranda Rights given
    On phone with Commanding Officer (?) possibly Laurean requesting leave which was approved

    January 10: Laurean calls for leave: To meet with attorneys - Approved
    Asks for leave for January 11 to meet with Attorneys: Approved: To call In on Friday in AM

    January 11: Laurean doesn't call in. Fails to report to Work. Reported UA

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    and rescue workers, Team 5, at the OKC Bombing site 4-19-1995.

    What I post are my opinions only.

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    sheriff's timeline of events - video press conference


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    15 Jan 2008 - CL's truck found at Microtel inn & suites off Airport Blvd in Morrisville, NC (less than a mile from Raleigh/Durham International Airport)

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    Wednesday, January 16


    Law enforcement sources tell Eyewitness News, "Two letters have been sent from Houston, TX from Cesar Laurean and they now believe Laurean may now be in Mexico." Sources close to Eyewitness News say those letters were sent to Laurean's wife in Jacksonville, N.C.

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    Timeline from AMW:

    At a press conference January 15, 2008, Lt. Col. Curtis Hill -- the public affairs officer of the Second Marine Expeditionary Force at Camp Lejeune, N.C. -- released the following timeline of events related to the disappearance and murder of Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach:
    May 11, 2007
    Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach reports two encounters of a sexual nature with Cpl. Laurean to her supervisor. She reported that the first encounter occurred on March 26, the second about two weeks later. At that time, a pregnancy test was performed, which came back negative.
    May 11
    Naval Criminal Investigative Service opens rape investigation
    May 12
    Verbal order issued barring contact or communication between Laurean and Lauterbach. Lauterbach moved to another building across the base from Laurean.
    May 24
    Written order issued barring contact or communication between Lauterbach and Laurean.
    June 19 - June 24
    Lauterbach takes annual leave home to Ohio.
    June 27
    Lauterbach goes to a doctor feeling sick. A pregnancy test was performed, which came back positive. Doctors estimate the date of conception to be May 14.
    Over the summer months, Lauterbach and Laurean each take leave time and return to the base as scheduled.
    September 17
    Lauterbach requests permission to move into off-base housing to care for her baby. Her request was approved on Oct. 31.
    October 18
    NCIS recommends that no disciplinary action be taken until evidence can taken from the child.
    October 22
    Witnesses questioned in rape investigation.
    November 5
    Lauterbach moves off-base into home with Sgt. Durham, who planned to leave North Carolina in December for training in California. Lauterbach planned to sublet the home in his absence.
    The same day, a trial council re-interviews Lauterbach, at which time she adjusts her statement to say that her pregnancy was not the result of a sexual assault.
    November 26
    Trial council discusses what possible charges -- if any -- would be filed against Laurean. Lauterbach attends her last doctor's appointment.
    December 14
    Lauterbach reported to work. Her workday ended at noon for a Christmas party, which she did not attend. Sgt. Durham returned to their home and says he finds a note from Lauterbach that expressed her desire to leave the Marine Corps. Sgt. Durham said her car was gone, and some personal items were taken. Marine command determined that Lauterbach had gone U.A. Investigators find that Lauterbach withdrew $700 from a Jacksonville, N.C. ATM, and bought a Greyhound bus ticket to El Paso.
    December 19
    Lauterbach fails to report to work. Sgt. Durham gives commanders Lauterbach's note; command sends investigators to her house, and reports that her car and her things were gone. She's listed as a deserter because of concern over her health.
    December 19
    Command calls Lauterbach's mother, who she says she last spoke with her daughter on Dec. 14. Maria's mother says she doesn't know where Maria is; her mom files a missing persons report in Ohio. Lauterbach's cell phone is found along Hwy 24 when a stranded motorist uses the phone to call Lauterbach's sister. She asked the person to turn the phone in to police.
    December 24
    An unidentified man withdraws $400 from Lauterbach's bank account at an ATM in Jacksonville, N.C.
    December 26
    Lauterbach misses an appointment with her obstetrician.
    January 7, 2008
    NCIS finally learns about the cell phone's discovery, the ATM withdrawals, and the Greyhound bus ticket. Up to this point, they still thought Lauterbach was UA. Laurean is questioned as possible witness to Lauterbach's disappearance, but not as a suspect. Laurean asks to leave work to meet with his civilian attorneys. Command doesn't see anything unusual with this given the status of the rape investigation.
    January 8
    The protective order between Laurean and Lauterbach is reissued. It's learned that the order of protection had lapsed between Dec. 24 and Jan, 7 due to an administrative oversight.
    January 11
    Laurean doesn't report to work, and commanders are unable to get in contact with him by phone. He is presumed to be U.A. Onslow County Sheriff's Office holds press conference announcing they believe Lauterbach is dead and buried in Onslow County, and Laurean is considered a person of interest. Laurean's wife gives authorities a note from Laurean stating that Lauterbach had taken her own life. This was deemed to be impossible.


    A quote spray painted on the wall by search
    and rescue workers, Team 5, at the OKC Bombing site 4-19-1995.

    What I post are my opinions only.

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    Confirmation of the purchase of the bus ticket on December 14, 2007.


    Interview with ticket agent:

    Roshaun Hames says the pregnant 20-year-old Marine Lance Corporal stationed at Camp Lejeune bought a bus ticket from him around 5 p.m. on December 14th. That’s the last day she spoke with her family – and the same day her mother urged her to give up her baby. Onslow County deputies say Maria is due to give birth any day now.

    A quote spray painted on the wall by search
    and rescue workers, Team 5, at the OKC Bombing site 4-19-1995.

    What I post are my opinions only.

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    PDF File: Criminal Complaint


    PDF File: Application for Search Warrant / Probable Cause


    PDF File: Warrant for cell phone records

    PDF File: Warrant for phone records for CL sister

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    Xtina tells LE and it's used in Affidavit

    Christina's Timeline as told to Detective John Dubois of the Onslow County Sheriff's Office on 01/11/08 and filed by him in Search Warrant on 01/12/08 (first media publish 01/17/08).

    a. In May of 2007, her husband, Cesar Laurean, told her that he had been accused of rape by a junior Marine.
    b. Her husband told her that he did not do it. ...

    d. In July of 2007, her husband told her that the female who had accused him of rape was pregnant. ...

    j. On the morning of January 10, 2008, Cesar Laurean told her that:

    1. On December 15, 2007, Maria Lauterback visited their residence at 103 Meadow Trail, Jacksonville, North Carolina.
    2. Maria L. told him she had a plan and was leaving the area.
    3. Maria L. demanded money from him.
    4. He then went to the bus station and helped Maria to purchase a ticket.
    5. Later in the evening, Maria went back to their residence, told him that her plan had failed, that an argument ensued.
    6. Maria was disoriented, agitated and acting differently.
    7. Maria produced a knife and killed herself by slitting her throat.
    8. He became scared, took her body to a wooded area adjacent to his residence and buried her.
    9. He obtained legal counsel and explained the facts to them.
    10. He was told that he was facing the death penalty.

    l. At approximately 4:00 a.m. on January 11, 2008, Cesar Laurean left their residence. She has not seen him since then.

    m. She discovered several notes that were written by her husband, wherein he described his involvement in the death of Maria Lauterback.


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    What the neighbors saw and when they saw it.

    Richard Alander (after LE had removed bodies of Maria/Gabriella)

    * 12/16/07 ... Laurean borrowed a shovel from Alander.

    * 12/16 or 12/17/07 ... Alander saw Laurean driving Maria's car.

    * 12/23/07 ... The Laureans had a ChristmasEve backyard bonfire w/Marine friends.

    * Week before 01/11/08 ... Xtina told Alander's wife that she and Cesar were painting the inside of their garage and some of the rooms in their house.

    * 01/10/08 ... Alander's wife saw xtina and POS talking in their yard and was trying to hear what they were saying (didnt say they were arguing, but did mention something about young couples naturally having problems) but Alander did not report anything his wife might have heard.

    * 01/11/08 ... Alander's wife saw Cesar in his driveway, getting ready to leave in his truck at @ 6:30 a.m. when she took her dogs for a walk.
    (Walking the dogs at 6:30 a.m. is part of her everyday schedule, and on school days (as Friday was) she wakes up her daughter when she returns from the walk. Alander was emphatic about the time, specifying it was 6:30 a.m. and not 4:00 a.m. "as some have said").


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    As per AMW

    12/16/07 Laurean caught on tape with a "friend" at Lowes purchasing supplies, paint, concrete blocks and a wheelbarrow.

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    ATM timeline w/Maria's card. Transcation images show:

    12-14-07 FRI
    ... 16:19:38 -- Maria? approaches Stage R. Sunglasses. Hoodie sweatshirt.
    ... 16:19:41 -- Lettering on hoodie spells _AYTON?
    ... 16:19:49 -- May be DAYTON.
    ... 16:19:57 -- Maria? looks stage Left (toward her R shoulder)
    ... 16:20:01 -- Maria? half in shot -- some background visible.
    ... 16:20:03 -- Maria? w/left hand to chin.
    ... 16:20:18 --
    ... 16:20:39 -- Maria (pregnant, hair pulled back, sunglasses) exits stage R.

    . . . 10 days . . .

    12-24-07 MON
    16:59:36 -- View of lot/street in background.
    16:59:38 --
    16:59:40 -- Arm in tee-shirt w/knit cap in hand.
    16:59:43 -- Knit cap blocking camera shot.
    17:00:58 -- Exit stage R. Male. Tee-shirt & jeans. Knit cap on head.
    17:01:01 --
    17:01:02 -- Car (Maria's?) driving toward stage L in background.
    17:01:05 --

    Photo below clips: Cesar? Stage R ATM. Knit cap. Tee-shirt w/logo.

    Other clip: Cesar later on 12/24 (according to JWalsh on AMW 1/19/8) shopping at Lowes. He's wearing a dark sweatshirt over a light tee-shirt (direct overhead view).

    AMW @ http://www.amw.com/fugitives/video_photos.cfm?id=52333
    Last edited by Seven; 01-20-2008 at 11:13 PM. Reason: Lowes clip doesn't have date/time.

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    Timeline no discussion

    Yes, now that you mention it, I did love the details; the costumes and authentic looking sets. I guess my complaint was that there was not more of the movie. I was dissapointed when it ended, wondering what are they the characters doing now? So thats not such a bad complaint, hey? How bout a Timeline II?
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