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    Attention all Members - Printing False Information

    I received the following information via email and said I would post it. Members, please, in the future keep in mind that simply because there is information available doesn't mean that every bit of it should be posted.

    > Andrea Steinhable has no involvement in this case. Her plates were
    > stolen from her old car that was sitting on the lot. The window was
    > broken and she forgot the plates were in the door pocket. It was
    > easy for anyone snooping around the lot to find the broken window
    > and search the car.
    > She is a church going mother of 5 small children (oldest is 9yrs). I
    > feel it was wrong for user indigomood to link a court docket that
    > had Mrs. Steinhable's name on it and he doesn't even know that that
    > was a case of self-defense. I feel it also was wrong for the police
    > or whoever to have released her name.
    > She is just trying to raise her family. Now she is getting
    > threatening letters and messages from people who do not understand
    > she has NOTHING to do with this case.
    > I've known her for 4 years and she is not a violent person. She has
    > always been a supportive person in the church. She has volunteered
    > for many projects and worked as a substitute teacher for the CCD
    > classes.
    > Please post this so your users can stop stirring up a witch hunt.
    > There are small children involved and Mrs. Steinhable has enough to
    > handle with the police picking through her life as it is.

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    Jeana, thank you.


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    I can only imagine how frightening all this has been for Mrs. Steinhable.
    I am very sorry she is receiving threatening letters and messages.
    I appreciate that she is cooperating with the police, as her memory and information will be crucial in pinning down Hilton's NC movements, IMO.

    I hope she can find some peace in knowing that it may be partly due to her license plate, that justice will be found for NC victims.

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    Thank you for posting this Jeanna and reminder us that thisyoung women is also a victim of his via his stealing her plates and placing her under a public spotlight that there is no justification for.

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