What the ???

A court has ruled that a judge's audiotape of personal "graphic fantasies" -- a recording that shocked investigators -- is his private property and should not be made public.
Chattanooga police investigated the tape in 2005, after a secretary who had just been fired by Hagler turned it over. She said she found the recording of the judge's voice on a tape that also contained legal dictation...

Hagler's attorney, Roger Jenne, said that while Hagler was "extremely grateful" for the ruling, investigators should "get back and investigate what is really behind" the leak of the tape's existence...

Few details of the tape's content have been made public, but police testified during a court hearing that it was disturbing and sounded like someone being tortured.
They said they initially thought the tape might be linked to the unsolved 1997 shooting death of an Episcopal priest, the Rev. Charles Martin "Marty" Davis, 35, in Chattanooga. But Brown said in the decision Thursday that there was no apparent link.

Judge's fantasy sex tape none of our business, court says

Um, what kind of person records a 'fantasy sex tape' that 'sounds like someone being tortured' and as it says in the article 'would disturb any human being who heard it'? This is seriously worrying and should point to the possibility that the person concerned is involved in even more dangerous and deviant behaviour. Ok, the judge has resigned, but why are they going after the person who leaked the tape - that person did the community a public service, in my opinion. Sick, very, very sick.