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    UK - Lisa Dorrian, 30, Bangor Ireland, 28 Feb 2005


    Missing in Ireland nearly 3 years, presumed dead. No body, however.

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    I have been reading about Lisa lately and this is a very complicated issue. We are dealing with Protestant/Catholic tensions, drugs, murder, assasinations, etc. It is widely believed that Lisa was killed by LVF - Loyalist Volunteer Force. Lisa had recently begun dating and hanging out with a new circle of friends and it the man she had become involved with was a drug dealer and LVF member. According to Lisa's family she had been doing drugs and partying to excess lately and was promising to quite. Her family seems to have some knowledge as to why they believe she went ot the party that night, received a call on her cell phone to meet someone, she left to do so and was taken to an abandoned house where she was severely beaten and eventually died. It was never quite clear to me what they wanted from her but it seems alluded to that they wanted info regarding her boyfriend and drugs. It is unclear if she was killed because of her religious affliations. LE believes she was hidden on land for several days or weeks and then taken out to sea sometime in 2005 and dumped. Several people have been arrested and subsequently released in regards to Lisa death.





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    Dorrian family's fresh appeal for missing Lisa


    28 February 2011 Last updated at 01:22 ET

    Lisa Dorrian, 25, disappeared after a party at a caravan site in Ballyhalbert, County Down, on 28 February 2005.

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    An update from last week on a recent search for further information in Lisa's disappearance...


    PSNI draw blank in Lisa Dorrian search

    Tuesday, 23 October 2012

    Nothing of significance has been found during a search of farmland by police investigating the murder of Lisa Dorrian, the PSNI has confirmed.

    Detectives investigating the disappearance of the 25-year-old hairdresser last week began searches of an area of land close to Comber.


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    Article from 2 months go explaining what they was looking for during the above article from 2012.


    It is understood the PSNI was looking for a car which was used to transport the young woman's dead body after she went missing in February 2005.

    The searches were carried out on farmland belonging to Seales, who was last week convicted of the murder of Comber man Philip Strickland.

    Police searched the farm in Comber in October 2012 while Seales was in prison awaiting trial over the murder of 37-year-old Mr Strickland.

    Officers used specialist equipment to survey an area on the edge of the village. It is understood they were looking for a vehicle that could have been used in the murder – but nothing was found.

    (more at link)

    Jimmy Seales- http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/ne...-30017270.html

    Last year Seales told the Sunday World cops had been looking for Lisa Dorrian on his Comber farm but he was adamant that he was not connected to it.

    “They spent a whole week digging up my farm searching for Lisa Dorrian but I have no idea why,” he told us during a jailhouse rant.

    “It had absolutely nothing to do with me. The cops have it in for me though – that’s for sure.”


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    Bumping for Lisa and her family. I just read about her for the first time today. This article is from June 2015 and the most recent information I could find.

    Life sentence prisoner Jimmy Seales, who says he was in possession of the car used to transport her remains, made the bombshell admission during a behind-bars interview with Sunday Life.

    • The millionaire farmer, who is serving a minimum 15-year jail term for the 2012 murder of Philip Strickland in Comber, further alleged that:

    • Cops unwittingly pulled the navy Vauxhall Vectra with Lisa’s body hidden in the boot from a hedge at Six Road Ends near Bangor
    • The car was then sold to Seales, who had no idea at the time it was used in her murder
    • Police later seized the vehicle from his scrapyard at Comber
    • Lisa’s body was put into a 40-gallon container, the lid of which was welded shut before it was hidden in land at Ballygowan

    Seales — who has extensive criminal contacts throughout North Down — also said he had urged the drug dealers involved in Lisa’s murder to give up her body.

    He said: “I told the guys involved in her murder at the time to give the family her body back, but they wouldn’t. They said to me, ‘it’s gone too far Jimmy, it’s gone too far’.”

    Seales insisted that he was prepared to “stand over everything” that he told Sunday Life, including, if necessary, meeting with the PSNI and the Dorrian family.

    Obviously, I have serious reservations about the accuracy of any information Seales offers up, but with or without him I hope that Lisa can one day be brought back to her loved ones.
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