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    Dying mom inadvertently drowns own baby

    Mom & tot die
    in tub accident


    A 3-year-old boy drowned in a bathtub, probably after his mother suffered a fatal heart attack in their Queens home and fell on top of him, law enforcement sources said yesterday.
    The decomposing bodies - identified by a relative as Rosilyn Hines, 50, and her son, Robbie - were discovered yesterday morning after neighbors who had not seen them for several days called cops.

    "How could little Robbie die?" grieved Hines' 34-year-old son, Alfred, at his mother's home on Seagirt Ave. in the Rockaways.

    The tragic scene was so overwhelming that cops who found the bodies walked out of the basement apartment to regain their composure, neighbors said.

    "They were really messed up," said Jeffrey Taylor, 48, a friend of Hines who lives in the same complex, the Seacrest Gardens by the Sea. "All they were saying was, 'This is not good. This is not good.' "

    Taylor said he and others grew suspicious because a bag of groceries dropped off outside Hines' door by a friend had sat in the hallway for days.

    Those fears worsened yesterday when the parents of children who Hines baby-sat could not contact the woman, who they knew as extremely trustworthy.

    "No man, no alcohol, no music, no noise," Taylor said of Hines. "Just baby-sitting and church."

    Police were investigating what led to the deaths, but law enforcement sources said evidence pointed to a bizarre double accident.

    "What appears to have happened is she was giving the child a bath and was stricken by a heart attack," a source said. "She fell onto the child or next to the tub and the child drowned."

    Story from nydaily news

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    Oh..how sad. I feel terrible for the family.
    Just my opinion of course!!

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    holy cow. These stories get weirder by the day! I am so amazed that this kind of stuff happens in real life! No one would have even thought of that accident for a tv show.
    too weird.

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