A popular New Hampshire gym teacher and coach has resigned amid charges he cut a student with a steak knife in what began as horseplay over a Krispy Kreme doughnut, school officials said.

Marc Bergeron, 59, submitted his retirement papers Monday at Spaulding High School before turning himself in to Rochester police. He was charged with second-degree assault and reckless conduct, both felonies, and released on his own recognizance, Lt. Anne Gould said.

The incident began Friday when three 15-year-olds visiting Bergeron in his office began joking about taking a box of doughnuts, Gould said.

The teacher told them not to but one of the boys went to take it anyway, she said, and Bergeron reached into his desk, pulling out two serrated steak knives.

He threw one at the student and missed, Gould said, then got into a tussle with the boy, cutting his thumb and puncturing his forearm.

Story from Boston Herald