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    TX - Krysdiunbria Midkiff, 2, scalded to death, Houston, 25 May 2007

    Cps had the baby and gave it back to her! Im curious how many people have the water heaters set so high that it gives you 3rd degree burns?

    HOUSTON --
    The mother of a 2-year-old girl who died after suffering third degree burns now says the child was burned by hot bath water, not by a campfire as she first told investigators.

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    That had to be one of the most painful things. Poor, poor baby. The mom's a real brainyard with the campfire story. I have to say I have my hot water heater set to the hottest temp, but when my child was little it was turned down. I was always there in the bathroom, but ya just never, ever know what can happen. God forbid a little one could fall in or who knows, but it's one of the first things we did was turn it down when I brought the baby home. Poor little thing. Burned on the feet, genitals and buttocks. Oh, and social services had originally stepped in when the baby was born?

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    Oh Captain, My Captain

    Umm-are they underreporting here??

    Are you telling me that a child dies of 3rd degree burns of unknown origin after suffering for days without treatment, and the infant brother of the child is not taken into emergency custody???? I have to believe that this is a rather conservative approach, yes?????

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    From July 2008:


    A mother who told police two different stories about the death of her toddler will spend the next 40 years in prison...

    Yokandra Midkiff... pleaded guilty to assault last week.

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