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    AZ - John "Buck" Kueper, 92, Whetstone, 26 Jan 2007 - Last seen at bar


    30 Jan 08

    A year ago today, John "Buck" Kueper left Buddy's Bar in Whetstone.

    He hasn't been seen by his friends or family since.

    It's been a mystery that has friends, family and community members are still trying to figure out.

    His two daughters are left with dwindling hope of finding him.

    "The Cochise County Sheriff's Office is still investigating this case and they are looking for two people, in state, to complete interviews with, and for one person who is out of state, to conduct interviews," Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Carol Capas said Friday.

    Capas said the detective in charge of the case, Matt Szymeczek, would only say interviews are sought with those three people because of "investigative leads."

    Kueper's case began in the late afternoon on Jan. 26, 2007, when he left his favorite bar at 119 E. Highway 82, to go to his truck out front.

    It would have been a 100-yard drive to his home in the trailer park behind Buddy's.

    On the Wednesday following his disappearance, Kueper's pickup was discovered in a wash near the ghost town of Fairbank, which is between Tombstone and Whetstone.

    much, much more at link

    no pic at link
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    9 March 08

    Missing person cases involve intrigue for the public, hard and often fruitless work for the authorities, and traumatic experiences for their families and loved ones.

    The cases don’t often go away. And the people who search for the missing don’t forget. The most high-profile recent local case is that of John “Buck” Kueper, whose Jan. 26, 2007, disappearance remains a mystery. The man, who, if alive, is 93 years old, was last seen at his favorite bar in Whetstone, where he had a daily beer with friends and neighbors.

    The investigation into Kueper’s disappearance is still an active case, so Cochise County Search and Rescue personnel can only generally comment about it.

    more at link

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    This story reminds me of my grandfather, who had begun to have major memory loss, and would get up at 2am, and decide to drive over the windy mountains to see my mom, and he would show up at all hours of the night, or he would get lost, and then show up days later...

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    John "Buck" Kueper was last seen leaving Buddy's Bar in Whetstone, Arizona between 3:30 and 4:00 PM driving a yellow and brown 1985 Dodge 1/2ton truck with Arizona plates, 884OVN. The truck was spotted abandoned later that evening 15 miles away, stuck up to the axle in a wash, with the keys in the ignition. Cochise County authorities searched for days on the ground and in the air but no sign of Keuper was found.
    Investigating Agency
    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    Cochise County Sheriff
    (520) 432-9500

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    Awwww. I cant believe they have not found this poor old man. I used to live in Tombstone and know the desert can be brutal....hopefully someone will find him..

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    Yes there's A LOT of open desert out in that area....A LOT. My first thought was he was robbed for his truck.....drug guys like trucks, big cars, SUVs, stuff to strip to sell....when it got stuck maybe they just left it there and did who-knows-what with the poor gentleman.
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