I'm helping Christine (Lighting the Way Home) with some graphics of some missing people and I haven't been following any of these cases and hoped someone here who's up to date could answer some basic questions for me, or point me in the right direction, so that I can get to work on creating the banners for Chris's website.

Any help is greatly appreciated by myself, and I'm sure by Christine as well.

Missing Person:
1. Monica Bowie
2. Tara Grinstead
3. Justin Gaines
4. Teresa Parker

I need the following information for each of the people I listed above.

1. DOB (If known, if not, age at time of disappearance)
2. Last Seen (Date and City/State)
3. Height/Weight
4. Identifying information (tattoos, piercings, braces, etc..)
5. Contact Info. (800 # and/or local Sheriff's Dept.)

If there's any other information I don't have listed that you think is pertinent, please include that and I'll try to make room on the banners.

Thanks in advance!!