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    KS - Nicolette, 23, & Leah Lyons-Reed, 8 mos, Kansas City, 3 Feb 2008

    Amber Alert Issued for 3 year old Kansas Boy
    Posted: Sunday February 3 6:00 PM CT

    The Kansas Bureau of Investigation issued the Amber Alert after the boy was apparently abducted in Kansas City. The boy's mother and younger sibling were found dead Sunday morning and the suspect is considered armed and dangerous.

    Victim - Seth Guerrero is a 3 year old white/Hispanic male with brown eyes and brown hair.

    The suspect is Andrew Anthony Guerrero, a 23 year old white/Hispanic male, 5'9" tall, 170 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes.

    The suspect vehicle is a silver 2004 Saturn SUV with a Kansas license tag of XTY-310.
    A second possible vehicle is a silver 2004 Nissan truck with a Kansas license tag of 503-AEA

    Anyone with information is asked to call the Kansas City Police Department at 913-596-3000C or dial 911.


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    One of two vehicles being looked for in connection to a double murder and a missing child has been found in the 1600 block of Rosedale. Investigators are still looking for a 2004 silver Saturn SUV with Kansas plates KTY 310.

    NBC Action News has crews on the scene and will update this information as soon as possible.

    Police said Sunday a Hispanic woman in her 20's and her infant daughter were shot to death in their KCK home and 3-year-old Seth Guerrero was taken from the scene.

    Officers were called to the 2000 block of South 10th Terrace just after 11 a.m., where they found the victims dead and Seth missing.

    Police believe the boy is in danger.

    Kansas City, Kan., Police Department spokeswoman Jackie Waters said the boy's father, 23-year-old Andrew Guerrero, has been named as a person of interest in the case. Andrew Guerrero is not the father of the girl who was killed, Waters said.

    More at link: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22982664/

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    Arrested in Texas

    The father was arrested after a standoff in Denton, Texas. The child was found unharmed. More at the link:


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    I'm so glad he was found safe. So many people wonder what the big deal is about parental kidnappings and this case is a good example of how dangerous these so called parents can be - never mind the potential for neglect and abuse, lack of education, life lived in hiding, deprivation of the love and care of the other parent, etc.

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    What's the deal with these young father's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blondieskatz View Post
    What's the deal with these young father's?
    Exactly, was thinking the same thing. Seems to be a lot of young dad's involved in this type crime lately.

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    In my opinion, the big deal with a lot of people lately - adults, both men and women, and young people can be summed up in one word, but best understood if muttered repeatedly - me, me, me. These people just do not seem capable of coping with disappointment, failure, change, or responsibility. If it isn't their way, it can't be anyone's way. Selfish, little POS's - all of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blondieskatz View Post
    What's the deal with these young father's?
    not that this is an excuse for what he did but this is a good example of why our returning soldiers need much much more counseling after returning from Iraq!
    They are under SO much stress over there, they are gone for one year to 1 1/2 years at a time away from their families.
    Its just too much for young men to handle! They do things over there that they are trained to do and the things they have to do and see on a daily basis are not what they would be doing on a daily basis here, then they return home and they are just supposed to switch off what they had been doing over there and be "normal"
    Again this is by no means a reason for what he did but I bet anything it had alot to do with his recent return from Iraq!
    There are alot of young soldiers snapping once they return home.

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    Ohhh im SO glad the little boy is safe!! His cute little face kept popping up on an "Amber Alert" during the superbowl for me last night and it kept making me so sad!
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    Thank goodness! I was looking at the faces of the little ones while out running errands today, and looking closely at the cars too.

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    I'm thinking that he came home from Iraq and found out his wife had a baby with another man and just flipped. The only one unharmed was his son. It's unfortunate, as the suicide rate of our soldiers on active duty is the highest it's ever been.
    Link to army suicides:

    These young people are not emotionally prepared to deal with all the effects of war. There isn't enough counseling available for them it seems, also.

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    My EX partner was in the military and I couldn't agree more about soldiers needing counselling after returning from active duty. He suffered severe depression and flashbacks for nearly two years after he left the army. He struggled to adapt to civilian life and suffered bouts of uncontrollable anger. He saw two tours of Iraq, a tour of Seirra Leonne and two tours of Afghanistan during his service and he never received any sort of counselling after any of them.

    Of course, this is no excuse for this father's actions. I am so glad the little boy was found safe and well - I only hope he is looked after in a loving and caring environment that will allow him to remember his mother and the sibling he lost.
    Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. If you can't help others, at least don't hurt them. - Dalai Lama

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    From January 2009:


    Andrew Guerrero of Kansas City avoided a possible death sentence by pleading guilty in November to capital murder in the February 2008 shooting deaths of Nicollette Lyons and 8-month-old Leah Lyons-Reed...

    Wyandotte County District Judge Robert Burns on Thursday sentenced Guerrero to life in prison with no chance of parole for killing Lyons and the infant, and life with parole eligibility in 20 years for the unborn child's death.

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