Hi. Several have PM'd me about this issue, so here is the deal. As River has said and as I have posted before, this is an Opinion forum, so why not show it. At WS-JBR, we have several new posters, along with many old-hands. It is very confusing for the Newbe's if you post something with out an IMO. Could be mistaken for a fact when it really is an opinion. I have contacted several of you about adding an IMO to your Signature, and I would still like to see those added. So, to all WS-JBR posters, those of you who do not have an IMO, your post's will be moved into a holder where you will have the option to add one and repost the info. If you still choose not to add one, then your post's will simply be deleted. So, to everyone who doesn't have one, please, take a second and add one! Feel free to ask questions as you wish-