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    GA - Cecil Conway, 52, shot to death, Wrightsville, 5 Feb 2008


    WRIGHTSVILLE, Ga. An 80-year-old man has been charged with murder after authorities say he shot a man to death.

    Charlie David Turner, of Montezuma, was arrested after the Tuesday shooting and is being held at the Johnson County jail, said Greg Harvey, special agent in charge of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's Eastman office.

    Turner was visiting his sister and her live-in boyfriend, Cecil Conway, at a home in Wrightsville around 3 p.m. Tuesday when an argument began, Harvey said.

    Turner shot Conway, 52, two or three times with what authorities believe was a .22-caliber revolver, Harvey said.

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    OMG, what was he thinking? What do you do with an 80 yo old man? I suppose he'll die in prison. ;(

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    I'll agree it's unusual, but there ARE older folks who function very well (emotionally & physically) at age 80+.

    I'm sure there will be a complete psyc evaluation, but if he is found competant, he should suffer the same consequences as anyone else. I usually don't like personal stories woven into crime posts, but now I'm going to be the culprit.

    My Grandmother, Edith Thurston, lived to be 97. At age 86, she broke a rib after falling off of a 6' ladder while trimming trees in her front yard. She crawled into her house, tied a 'dish towel' around her middle, called my sister (who drove like a maniac over muddy country roads to get to her) and complained all the way to the hospital about sister's driving. After she healed up, she served for 5 yrs on the local election board, continued her duties as a senior 4-H leader and established a charitable fund to send dis-advantaged children to summer church camp.

    Here's a small blurb about her:


    So...age is just a number.

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