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    VA - John McCloskey, 18, Staunton, 18 Dec 1994


    The link is to an article, digging into the horrid death of a young man who suffered from bi-polar disorder and was arrested by deputies in Rockbridge County, VA for creating a scene at a local convenience store. Shortly after he was admitted into Western State Psychiatric hospital. Sometime between Dec 15 and 18th John had been beated and or raped anally to cause serious internal injuries that later led to his death over a year later. Marcella Fierro has been involved in the case regarding autopsy among many other people.
    It seems to come down to a lot of finger pointing between Western State Psychiatric hospital and other agencies. Despite numerous investigations and inquiries this case has still not yet been solved.

    It's a lot of reading, and sad to see that this poor family has not yet had closure for the death of their son.
    IMO i think Western State is responsible at the least for allowing conditions to permit an incident leading to the death of this young man.

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    What a mess.

    I wish Davis all the luck in the world. Even if it was ever determined that McCloskey was injured at Western State the hospital's management will claim that it wasn't noticed because they're understaffed and it's the state's fault, and citizens can't sue the state, they can only go after corporations amd individuals.

    I don't think it's right that state agents investigate each other but the idea of creating a state agency that would investigate litigious matters involving the state police is sort of ridiculous, it would only mean more state agents investigating each other.

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