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    Trial over Lottery Ticket

    Nothing like a crazy neighbor trying to steal your lottery winnings!


    HAGERSTOWN - A Washington County Circuit Court jury awarded ownership of a $1 million lottery ticket to Brian S. and Mary Lee Kendle Wednesday night following a yearlong court battle between the Fairplay couple and one of their neighbors, Frederick S. Cade III.


    A neighbor who lives near both Cade and the Kendles testified Wednesday about several conversations he had with Cade. Don Anders said he hadn't heard Cade claim half of the lottery winnings until three or four days after the drawing. Over time, Anders said, Cade tried to intimidate him into testifying on Cade's behalf.

    At one point in January, Anders called authorities to report an incident during which Cade came onto his property and, after a conversation during which the man tried to get Anders to change his statement, said, "You're done all right," while making a gunlike gesture with his hand and pointing to Anders.

    "I felt I was threatened," Anders said.

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    Gosh, money makes people freaking crazy doesn't it!?!

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