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    WI - Troy & Lee Ann Miller for child abuse, Necedah, 2004

    In rural Juneau County, a 17-year-old girl with broken teeth has described years of abuse at the hands of her mother and stepfather to an extent that shook even veteran investigators.

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    You have to read this article to believe it.

    Again it is one of those situations when all this anger and torture was put on one child where three others were relatively unscathed (at least physically)

    This girl basically lived in the basement, forsed to drink sewage, tortured with burns from curling irons on her feet, forced to wear the dog training shock collar, her face and teeth smashed with a hammer...chocked and beaten regularily, her birthday was not recognized, nor chrismas for her... yet all the other children had birthdays/christmas etc...

    Makes you sick! Poor girl was not ever allowed to go to school and have an education

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    Oh Wow, that is going to stay with me a long time. HOW/WHY can another 'person' do this??

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    On March 12, after interviewing the three younger girls, who were not abused, the Millers were arrested, Strompolis said.

    It took Juneau County officials two hours to coax the teen out of the home, past the family's 16 dogs.

    An examination at Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center in La Crosse revealed the teen's multiple scars and bruises.

    Dr. Kevin Coulter, medical director of the Child and Adolescent Abuse Resource and Evaluation Center at the University of California-Davis in Sacramento, said his staff treat 1,500 abused children every year. It's not unusual for parents to single out one child for abuse, he said. What is unusual is cases torture and severe emotional abuse.

    "The most common thing is an adult who loses control, lashes out and really abuses a child in a fit of anger," he said. "Abuse that is macabre and bizarre and in my mind represents torture that is not common."

    There's no proof that abusive parents seek out isolated locations in order to hide their behavior, Coulter said. However, their personalities may prefer isolation.

    The road ahead for the teen will likely be difficult. Her recovery will depend on how long the abuse has been going on and what has happened to her, Coulter said.

    Kathy Storandt, social worker with Juneau County Department of Human Services, is still shaken by the case.

    "She's a beautiful girl," Storandt said. "She's got wonderful spirit."

    The past three years, the teen hasn't been in school, although her three younger sisters were. She had, at one time, attended Necedah schools. School officials and Lee Ann Miller told Strompolis she was being home schooled. However, home school forms, required by state law, were never filed with the state Department of Public Instruction, DPI spokesman Joe Donovan said.

    Pauline Roll, Necedah Area Schools district administrator, didn't respond to questions about whether papers had been filed with the district.

    Mark Roraff, director of Juneau County Human Services, said the girl has been moved to a safe place.

    "We've had more than a few tears shed around here," he said. Although she'll turn 18 in less than two months, Roraff said the county won't stop caring for her.

    "We will stand by this girl as long as we have to and as long as we can to make things right for her," he said. They are looking into getting her teeth fixed.


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    That is so sad. I don't understand how a Mother could do such a thing.


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    OMG. That poor, poor girl.

    I wanna know how the things she lived with (they are not fit to be called parents or even people) got away with not sending her to school.
    Above is my opinion only

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    March 2005:

    Sauk County Circuit Judge James Evenson sentenced the girl's stepfather, Troy Miller, to 32 years in prison for beating the girl over the last three years and trying to kill officers. He gave the girl's mother, Lee Ann Miller, 18 years for her roles in the crimes.

    "Abuse is perhaps too tame a word here," Evenson told Lee Ann Miller, 38. "The only word I could come up with to describe your actions is incomprehensible."...

    The Millers were released on bail and ordered to have no contact with the girl or their other three daughters.

    In December, investigators learned Lee Ann Miller had sent flowers to one of them.

    Sheriff's deputies and Necedah Police Chief Seth Tully converged on the Millers' town of Necedah home to arrest Lee Ann Miller, but the Millers fled out the back and escaped after Troy Miller opened fire with a 9 mm gun, said Assistant Attorney General Tom Fallon, who prosecuted the case....
    Investigators later found that bags the Millers had with them as they ran contained visas and other documents for their three other daughters, along with a stun gun, handcuffs and duct tape, wigs and fake mustaches. In Troy Miller's vehicle they found an assortment of rifles. Fallon said the Millers planned to kidnap the three and flee to Mexico.

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    Lee Ann Miller/ Lee Miller/ Leanne Miller
    DOC #: 00473139
    Birth Year: 1966
    Age: 49
    Height: 5' 10" Weight: 182
    Race: WHITE
    Hair Color: BLONDE
    Eye Color: BLUE
    Sex: FEMALE
    Dexterity: RIGHT HANDED
    PhotoDate: 02/24/2010

    Mandatory Release/Extended Supervision Date: 09/12/2022


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    Lee Ann Miller appealed in 2010, but the judges affirmed in 2011.


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