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    Bill Proposed Spurred by Case of Meredith Emerson


    Spurred by the case of slain Georgia hiker Meredith Emerson, a state lawmaker is pushing legislation that would allow earlier comparison of DNA taken from criminal suspects.
    Under current law, Georgia can collect DNA from a suspect if there is probable cause or if the suspect volunteers it. It can be used against the suspect in the case under investigation, but can't be compared to a national or state database of open cases until the suspect is convicted, GBI director, Vernon Keenan said.
    A bill sponsored by state Senator Bill Hamrick, a Carrolton Republican, would allow DNA database comparisons as soon as the DNA is lawfully obtained.

    More at the Link....

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    Thanks for the link. Now that would be an excellent bill to see turn into law.It seems GBI's hands are tied as far as nationwide DNA data bases. Think of all the cases that could get solved. I hope this one passes.

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    Great link, Dragonfly!
    Good timing for this legislation because of such a prominent and continuing case.

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    This would be AWESOME for convicting the right person and letting the wrongfully convicted go free. So many times they have the dna, but refuse to test it. (No idea why.) It is awfully big brother though. Soon, someone will get a database of DNA from all babies born so they can be tracked and convicted anytime a crime is committed by them.

    ...not that that is all bad, but I suppose on a grand scale it could be.

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    Would this be known as "Meredith's Law"? I think it's a damn good idea, but at the same time, there is a part of me that's hesitant because I think like another poster mentioned it's sort of a pandora's box at the same time.....

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