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    Talking Penguin chick at Brookfield Zoo growing healthier

    A Humboldt penguin chick born underweight and sickly last month at the Brookfield Zoo has flourished on a weight-gain regimen of fish shakes six times a day, Brookfield Zoo officials said Wednesday.

    Zookeepers decided to hand-rear the penguin because it could not make the peeping sound necessary to signal its parents when it is hungry, said Darlene Broniewicz, senior zookeeper.

    They moved it from a nest near its parents to a temperature-controlled box it shares with a stuffed penguin. The chick is learning to signal its hunger to the plush penguin by peeping and touching its beak, at which point zookeepers feed it.

    Video on link...

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    Oh, this is such a sweet story!

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    aww this is so sweet. i just watched Happy Feet, and i loved it. maybe he could be named for one of the south american penguin characters LOL

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    Such a sweet story! Bless this lil chick and all the staff at Brookfield zoo for being such great keeper-nannies!

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    That is so adorable!! I wonder if they play the music in the background (on the video) to sooth the baby penguin. It is certainly sounding more vocal, and it's beautiful that it's caretakers are helping it flourish!!

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