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    HeeHee, an anonymous tip might be in order? This guy sounds like a quack. My fear is he is brainwashing these kids.

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    I think they all went to Orlando in Dec, Drew, kids, Mom and Dad, spent the required 45 minutes with Drew's PR guy and Dr Dan and his wife at a bar-b -que and Dr Dan declares everyone is healthy and will be wealthy after this little exchange..and the impending book offers.
    Drew and family head to Disney World and that is the end of Dr Dan's involvement until it is needed ..which would be now after the boys are called to jury duty and Drew proclaimed on national TV that he has spoken to a professional about what he has told the kids..per Lauer question on the Today Show. A PR guy is a PR guy, he'll hook you up with whatever person gives the public the impression that you want. But you have to wonder why a person not yet accused of their wife's disappearance needs a PR guy to put a spin on things for him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeltaDawn View Post
    But you have to wonder why a person not yet accused of their wife's disappearance needs a PR guy to put a spin on things for him.
    I think its more of a Brodsky ploy to taint the potential jury pool.

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    Sheesh! How much weirder can this get??
    A Dr. that needs a publicist? And what publicist would want it put out there that said Dr. is involved in this case?
    DrewP is SUCH a sick narcissist (sp?), he has to have some spotlight on him, just like a little 5 yr old boy who needs some attention, doesnt matter what kind of attention, good or bad, just PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!
    In the meantime, those poor kids are deprived of their mother's love, all because of Drew. It's all just so sad and sickening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mysteriew View Post
    Ok, the timing had me puzzled. This psychotherapist professes to have known DrewP a long time (any chance that he attempted to treat DrewP for addicition in the past?) This guy doesn't step forward when Stacy goes missing. This guy doesn't step forward after DrewP's visit. Suddenly this guy is coming forward making a public statement that he treated DrewP and the children (something that is against patient confidentiality, unless he has the patient's permission. Even then most won't go public.)

    Now two months after the alleged visit, this psychotherapist makes this public statement. Timing had me puzzled.

    The boys are called to testify to the GJ, but DrewP and JAB wins a delay- "to get an attorney for the boys."

    I think, what we are seeing is the first step in preventing the boys from testifying to the GJ. This guy will probably use some kind of psych rationale to say it would be traumatic and damaging to the boys to testify.
    What's going to be traumatic and damaging to the boys is STAYING with Drew Peterson. I fully expect him to "go postal" at any moment, because he's being backed into the proverbial corner, so to speak.

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    Drew has a sister in WI

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mysticj View Post
    Drew has a sister in WI

    Just a couple of questions you may be able to answer for me.

    Was Julie Jensen from Wisconsin? I can answer that yes she was. Was her husband found guilty..yes he was.

    Was the new attorney Drew hired, the third ,from Wisc? I am thinking he is from Madison ...but someone please clarify that for me. Because this would mean Drew and Co are prepared to mount a defense like Julie Jensen's husband.

    Also was this therapist in anyway associated with Julie's trial?

    Thanks for your help


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    Quote Originally Posted by mediagroup2008 View Post
    Who is really Daniel Budenz


    I am aware of the efforts of Daniel Budenz to have his press put out of his credentials by a media company in Orlando Florida. After doing some checking we found this out. Daniel Budenz never paid the company to write the press release that they put out in the internet world. We understand Daniel Budenz had this press released on his background due to the fact that no one knew who he was. After checking further his background, we find the following. Dr Dan Budenz never paid also for a website forum that was set up to present his credentials. This same firm sent information around to all the media outlets with no compensation again by the Dr. Daniel Budenz nor did any of the media outlets take their emails seriously.

    When we checked out those credentials, we can not find any other current clients of Dr. Daniel Budenz other than Drew Peterson Kids. In the recent interview with Dr Phil, again this so called Dr Dan Budenz never was mentioned and we find this odd since he was suppose to know Drew from childhood days and was announced in the press to be helping with Drews children. Another disturbing finding was that Dr. Daniel Budenz was arrested and found guilty on criminal charges in his own home town several years ago for resisting arrest, and harrassment of an officer. You can find all the lawsuits against Dr Daniel Budenz at [url]http://wcca.wicourts.gov/index.xsl

    In addition we have found that all three licenses held by Dr. Daniel Budenz as a clincial substance abuse counselor, intermediate clinical supervisor, and licensed Professional Counselor have all expired since 2007 or earlier . You can check these details out at http://drl.wi.gov/index.htm

    I find it interesting that this so called Dr. Daniel Budenz can try to con everyone that he has the credentials to help Drew Peterson when he has his own problems

    This is just our first and beginning review of the press submitted by the approval of Dr. Daniel Budenz. It makes you wonder why then did he have all his questionable background information put in the press when his credentials can not be validated. Does not make sense to us. We will keep digging
    now the truth is out

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    Drew peterson will be convicted of murder – why?



    Drew Peterson’s trial will end in a “murder one conviction” of third wife Kathleen Savio because of the following true key hearsay reasons:


    No Drew Peterson did not murder Dr. Bryan Mitchell, the pathologist who performed the original autopsy on Peterson third wife Kathleen Savio. Dr. Mitchell died of natural causes two years ago. However, Dr. Mitchell, “Never waivered in his belief that Kathleen’s death was an accident,” confirmed Bolingbrook Police Lt. James Coughlin recently when questioned at Drew Peterson’s murder trial. Dr. Mitchell’s live testimony would have advanced the defense attorney’s position that Kathleen did die from an accident. The recent death of our beloved Whitney Houston and national statistics also lends credibility to the death by tub conclusion of Dr. Mitchell. How could Kathleen drown in a dry bathtub? Try this Drew Peterson defense team promoted experiment – fill your own tub with water and check it the next day.


    The ongoing Drew Peterson Saga will always leave more questions unanswered than will be truthfully answered or resolved. For example it is often exasperated in the media and public opinion, “What kind of woman would marry Drew Peterson or stay married to him?” If you choose to read on be forewarned that the true answers will reveal more monsters and raise more monstrous questions than may be answered.

    The cancer monster took the life of Tina – Stacy Peterson’s favorite sister. “Stacy flew to California to be with her favorite sister and prayed constantly for God to save her life” according to Drew Peterson. “When Tina died Stacy lost her faith and became very depressed – she talked about wanting to be a stripper even though she was studying to become a nurse.” continues Peterson. “I told her the first time she was to perform I would be protesting and bring her father with seats in the front row!” Stacy fantasized often about a life somewhere other than Bolingbrook. Even her relative laden Kentucky was a desired destination for Stacy after Peterson retired. Stacy mostly dreamed about a life in California living close to her favorite aunt Candice even though Tina was no longer there.

    Waving a loaded .357 Magnum in his wife’s face and even chanting, “You *****, you burned my baby!” was normal in the life of Drew Peterson’s missing fourth wife Stacy Peterson. The jury may learn about some of the real monsters and truth that substance, alcohol, physical and sexual abuse partnered with neglect and abandonment shared in the parenting of Stacy Cales and her siblings. This impaired life style molding occurred long before Stacy would seek help and affection from media monster super cop Drew Peterson.

    Peterson’s in-laws are now verifying with the press that documentation provided by Drew Peterson in “Analyzing Monsters” was true. The extreme abuse, neglect, abandonment and trauma early lifestyle experienced by Drew Peterson’s fourth wife Stacy Cales would make it nearly impossible for her to enjoy a life of peace and stability for too long. Her chances were slim with anyone let alone someone with the self admitted bad husband traits and workaholic career of Drew Walter Peterson.

    “Analyzing Monsters – The Drew Peterson Saga” shares even more of what relatives may eventually confirm to the press about Stacy Peterson’s parents Anthony and Christie Cales. These ‘parents’ were victims as well long before they became perpetrator parents. Victims usually pass on and perpetrate the childhood trauma forced upon them into the next generation of their defenseless and helpless victims. Stacy’s uncle Kyle Toutges and brother of her mother Christie recently told the press a little of what Peterson revealed in, “Analyzing Monsters” that the children grew up under severe trauma and abandonment. However, in truth not all of the children “grew up” – four died. Stacy’s older sister Jessica died before Stacy was born. 18-month old Jessica was found burned to death in a house fire started by, “the children.” Peterson shares which children are the primary suspects playing with a Zippo lighter in “Analyzing Monsters.” The impaired mom Christie was barely able to save herself. Stacy and Drew named their brilliant and beautiful daughter Lacy Ann after her infant younger deceased sister.

    The book also details what really happened to infant sister Lacy Ann alleged to have died of the often wrongly diagnosed sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). SIDS was never professionally diagnosed in this sibling death. How did the now infamous Peterson in-laws dispose of nearly full term twins? How did they die in the first place? In any event five of eight Cales siblings are dead/missing. Peterson alleges Stacy’s oldest sister Cassandra has much baggage and contributed to Stacy’s abuse and brother Yelton is a convicted and registered sex offender. “Despite their problems and abuse,’” according to Peterson, “Stacy loved them both.”

    Stacy’s mentally ill and severely addicted mother ran off with an African American. She had a purse in one hand and a bible or AA big book in the other when last seen. To date seven of ten members (70%) of Stacy Cales immediate family are dead or missing. The remaining three family members have severe family dysfunction. The impairment includes family dysfunction, codependency, alcohol and substance abuse, sex abuse and criminal histories concludes Peterson.


    On day two of the Drew Peterson trial lead defense attorney Joel Brodsky got it right when he said, “They (prosecution) never laid a glove on us!” The two prosecutorial mistrial errors gifted to the defense was an obvious factor in his statement. However it is the reference of this Peterson trial being like a boxing event that is both revealing and accurate. Drew Peterson is an infamous “Rocky” in this unsanctioned event for the World Heavyweight Chump of the World. This fight will later be recognized for the war it represents not just a courtroom battle. It is not a war for justice, freedom and the American way but the war to continue growing our out of control monster criminal justice system. This system impairment thrives on extreme expense, wasted dollars, bloated and ineffective corrections as well as the political and financial gain promised to the combatants.


    The final reason Drew Peterson will be convicted is because he already has bean convicted by all of us. Drew Peterson is the great white hope to heavy weight contender OJ Simpson. It does not really matter if a jury does not convict him. It does not really matter if there ever is a mistrial, or hung jury. The advice and opinion media as well as the court of public opinion convicted Drew Peterson long ago. Dr. Dan author of “Analyzing Monsters” while very sensitive and careful not to convict or harm the Peterson family provides two additional personal reasons why Drew Peterson needs to be found guilty and pay for his offenses. The Drew Peterson Saga shall not only continue – it will never end. Watch for the movie “DREW” based on “Analyzing Monsters” coming soon to a theater near you.

    Hey let’s face it – has there ever been a more perfect villain for all of us to enjoy hating and despise together than the media monster Drew Peterson? We know – another question?
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    Nice try to take this thread off topic Dr Dan, but all the smoke and mirrors in the world are not doing anything to bolster the credibility of one Dr. Daniel T. Budenz.

    Do you have anything to offer in the way of directing us to something of substance to Dr. Daniel T. Budenz's practice? You see, that is what this thread is about.

    I can only assume he is a phony, as to date nothing has been found that proves otherwise. Just another little pawn on Drew Petersons game board. How sad that he would be willing to allow himself to be used in such a fashion. It would appear this man has no real credentials, no practice and seemingly no means to pay his bills.

    Oh, and by the way, Drew Peterson is right where he belongs. He IS the boogieman they warned you about. I am glad to know he is behind bars and hope he stays there until the day he dies.

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