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    GA - Denise Taylor, 54, shot to death, Griffin, 29 Feb 2008

    Griffin police say a former Fulton County sheriff's major accidentally shot and killed his wife while unloading his gun.
    Police say 54-year-old Riley Taylor was at a family function when the gun discharged Friday and the bullet struck his wife, 54-year-old Denise Taylor.
    Clanton says no criminal investigation will be done since the shooting was accidental.

    Accidental according to the shooter; a veteran lawman presumably very well experienced in how to safely unload a firearm and the consequences of carelessness.

    I believe I'd be needing an un-biased witness or two...maybe some kind of forensic evidence or an autopsy, if that wouldn't be too much to ask.

    Surely someone will call for at least an independent investigation, if for nothing but appearances.

    Poor DrewP did it all wrong...he could have just had a small "family gathering" and had an accident...no questions asked.


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    why do I get the feeling this was no accident?

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    I guess an accident is possible, but he's been in LE long enough to know you don't mess with your guns when others are around. They should at least charge him with something related to him being careless w/the weapon!

    I'm suspicious too, but that's just me! lol I just find it odd when a stray bullet conveniently hits a target accidentally, especially when it's between husband/wife.

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