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    Angry IL - Inmate Accuses Guards of Rape, Dwight CC, 2008


    More than two dozen times during her seven-month stay, guards forced the former beauty pageant winner, oxygen generator in tow, into their private bathroom, where they raped her, she said.

    By the time she was released from the prison in June 2006, she was 14 weeks' pregnant, according to the complaint. The only men she had contact with during her sentence were corrections staff, said her attorney, Kathleen Zellner.

    In Illinois, it is a felony for the prison staff to have sexual contact with inmates, Zellner said.

    Convicted of signing at least one bad check in Cook County, Jane Doe, who suffers from obstructive pulmonary lung disease, was sent to the facility in November 2005, her attorney said.

    Several weeks after she arrived, the abuse began, she said. Guards would open her cell in the middle of the night and force her to their bathroom. Several guards were almost always present, and one acted as a "look-out," coughing or giving some other signal if someone was coming, she said.

    The first time she was raped by three men, she said. During the next few months, she would be sexually assaulted 29 times by seven officers, she said.

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    All of those men deserve to die or be locked up for the remainder of their pathetic lives.

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    Lock them up for life and see how long they last with other inmates. Former CO's and they are rapists..

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    What is wrong with people? I mean, truly? Are normal people in the minority? What brings this out in people? I just can barely fathom that anyone could find 7 people who could do these things, yet all you'd have to do here would be to gather up the staff break room. It blows my mind how these conversations get started. How on earth do you reveal to someone that you enjoy raping people and to get SIX others to say, "Oh, me too."

    What on earth kind of world is this?????

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    What blows my mind is that she did file complaints, and no one responded. Finally, an administrator told her she would get extra time if she was having sex. Well, obviously she was having sex with someone since she got pregnant. You would think someone would investigate after a positive pregnancy test.

    From the article:

    Jane Doe filed more than 20 reports with the prison's internal affairs unit and sent three emergency grievances to the warden but she never received a response, she said.

    An administrator threatened Jane Doe that she would have at least an extra year added to her sentence if she was having sex with an inmate, she said. Then she was placed in segregation, where the assaults continued. When she was finally released, she had permanent injuries, she said.

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    Obviously this has been an ongoing problem at this facility:


    A Former Dwight Correctional Center guard from Plainfield has been sentenced to 180 days in the Livingston County jail after pleading guilty to "custodial sexual misconduct" with an inmate of the women's prison.

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