So, I posted last week about Troy Graves, the Center City rapist. Philly still has one serial rapist/muderer on the loose, and they aired it on the news last night that he's been on the loose for five years.

In all, DNA has linked him to 3 rapes, one attempted rape and one murder. All attacks took place in park settings against women who were jogging or walking. After attacking the women, he sometimes tries to console them. This guy actually varied from his hunting grounds last year by attacking someone jogging in a park in a different area of the city. Police have said that he might appear "normal" to people, yet despite a sketch, no one has been apprehended.

I bring this perp up because it's another case of a rapist murdering only on of his victims, in this case, his second one. We have talked a lot about progression is Bri's case, but now we have two cases that we can look at where the perp didn't continue killing. I'm curious to hear others' thoughts on this.