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    Media Links Only - *No Discussion*

    This is a draft written up by the Texas Department of Public Safety, which contains some of the updated information resulting from the recent, thorough forensic examination on Princess Blue completed in March of 2007.


    Draft June 7, 2007 Draft
    DPS hopes new clues give face a name
    Houston high school class ring provides intriguing clue
    The Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office, the Manvel Police Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety hope new developments will help identify skeletal remains found in northern Brazoria County in 1990.
    Two new forensic drawings of the victim’s possible appearance with either short or long hair were developed from the victim’s skull by the Texas Ranger forensic artist. The facial reproductions, pictured above, can also be found at


    For a recorded sound bite on this topic, call 512-424-2606 Read about DPS online at www.txdps.state.tx.us

    In addition, after the Sheriff’s Office reopened the case, the University of North Texas System Center for Human Identification in Denton recently performed an extensive forensic analysis that has provided new clues to the young woman’s identity.

    Originally thought to be Hispanic in 1990, new forensic analysis indicates the young woman was Caucasian, with the probability of some African-American traits. According to the forensic analysis, it is likely one parent or one grandparent was African-American.

    Her age at the time of her death was determined to be between 17 to 21 years old. Her height was between 4 feet 11 inches and 5 feet 3 inches, with a slight to medium build.

    For a recorded sound bite on this topic, call 512-424-2606
    Read about DPS online at www.txdps.state.tx.us

    The victim was also wearing six rings, including a silver-colored 1975 Robert E. Lee High School (Houston) class ring—a clue investigators think may help identify the woman. One online forum has nicknamed the young woman "Princess Blue" because of the color of the stone in the class ring. (Pictures of some of the rings can be found at

    "The ring is an important clue," said Manvel Police Detective Sgt. Jay Coffman. "It could have belonged to a friend, a young mother, a relative or the woman herself. Anyone who was a student at Houston’s Robert E. Lee High School in the seventies who lost, sold or let someone else borrow a similar ring should contact authorities."

    The skeletal remains were discovered in a trash-dumping area at the end of County Road 101, just east of Highway 288 on Sept. 10, 1990 inside the Manvel city limits. Investigators have not determined a cause of death or when she died, but her death is considered suspicious. No clothes were found with the remains.

    A person with a missing family member matching all or part of this description and timeline should also contact authorities. A DNA test from a living relative could be used to identify the woman.

    In addition to the high school ring, other jewelry found includes:

    One silver-colored ring with a turquoise horse or unicorn
    One silver-colored band with a scroll design
    Two silver-colored bands
    One pearl-type beaded bracelet
    One gold-colored band ring with six clear stones

    Anyone with information regarding this investigation can contact the Manvel Police Department at the 281-489-1212 or e-mail Sgt. Coffman at jcoffman@manvelpd.org.

    They can also contact Brazoria County Sheriff’s Investigator Richard Rosser at 281-756-2218 or e-mail him at richardr@brazoria-county.com .

    This (DPS case # U03-10-014) and other unidentified cases are profiled online at the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Missing Persons Clearing House at www.txdps.state.tx.us/mpch/.
    Media note
    : Sgt. Coffman (281-489-1212) and Investigator Rosser (281-756-2218) are the primary media contacts in this case.
    ### (PIO 2007-0023)

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    Media Links Only-No Discussions Please

    Please post here any news/media links that would include information on Princess Blue.

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    Date: WED 09/12/1990
    Section: C
    Page: 11
    Edition: 2 STAR
    Human remains found


    MANVEL - Brazoria County authorities Tuesday were trying to identify human skeletal remains that were found near County Road 101 here.

    The remains were found Monday by a person looking for bottles and cans along the road, about a mile east of Texas 288, authorities said. The remains were taken to the Harris County medical examiner's office for examination.

    Officials said they had not determined the sex, age or cause of death.

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    Date: FRI 09/14/1990
    Section: C
    Page: 15
    Edition: 2 STAR
    Remains those of woman


    MANVEL - Human skeletal remains found near here are those of a young white or Hispanic woman between the ages of 16-22, police Chief Tommie Tolson said Thursday.

    The skeleton was found Monday by someone looking for bottles and cans near a private trash dump on County Road 101, about a quarter-mile east of Texas 288.

    The dead woman had a silver ring with a turquoise unicorn on her right hand and a pearlescent bead-type bracelet on her right arm, authorities said.

    A Harris County medical examiner's report also concluded that she had knee problems, Tolson said. Tolson asked that anyone with information about the woman's identity call Manvel police at 489-1212 or the medical examiner's office.

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    Saturday, September 2, 2006

    Ring is top clue in cold case

    Teens Remains were found along Brazoria County road in 1990
    By: Richard Stewart (richard.stewart@chron.com), Houston Chronicle

    ANGLETON, TEXAS - A well-worn ring from the 1975 class of Houston's Robert E. Lee High School is the main evidence police have to try to unravel a 16-year-old mystery. It was found on the finger of a skeleton at the end of a Brazoria County road in 1990.

    "It's not much to go on," said Manvel police Detective Jay Coffman, "but it's about all we've got."

    In the nine years since the remains were found, investigators have not been able to tell what happened to the female victim, how she got to be on a pile of debris or, more importantly, who she was.

    "Somebody's missing this girl," Coffman said, holding the ring. Somebody is missing the ring, too, he said, because he doubts it originally belonged to the victim.

    A medical examiner's report estimated that the skeleton found on September 10, 1990, was that of a girl about 17 years old, plus or minus two years, Coffman said. She would have been far too young for the 1975 class ring to be hers.

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    Drawings Released Of Skeletal Remains Victim

    HOUSTON -- Law enforcement officials hope two new forensic drawings will help solve a mystery from 17 years ago, KPRC Local 2 reported Friday.

    Skeletal remains were found in a trash dump at the end of County Road 101 near Highway 288 in Manvel on Sept. 10, 1990. Investigators have not determined a cause of death or when she died, but the death is considered suspicious.

    No clothes were found with the remains.

    A Texas Ranger forensic artist developed two new drawings from the victim's skull that show the victim with either short or long hair.

    New evidence in the case indicated that the woman, originally thought to be Hispanic, was Caucasian with the probability of some African-American traits, officials said.

    More at link: http://www.click2houston.com/news/13462498/detail.html

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