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    Princess Blue's autopsy report

    Here is a copy of the original autopsy report done on Princess Blue in 1990. A Houston reporter, Craig Malisow, was gracious enough to provide this for us. Please note that a complete forensics work-up was completed in March of 2007; however, we have not yet been able to obtain a copy of it. There is much updated information in the report, and if we are able to obtain it we will post it on this thread.

    History: These skeletal remains of a Hispanic female were found under a trash pile at the dead end of County Road 101, east of Hwy 288, Manvel, Brazoria County, Texas at 5 pm on Sept. 10, 1990. Some property (jewelry) was recovered at the scene with the skeletal remains.

    Autopsy: The uatopsy was performed in the [HCME's office] by forensic pathologist Eduardo Bellas, MD, at the request of and upon the written authorization of the Hon. Bill Todd, Justice of the Peace, Precinct 8, Brazoria County, Texas, beginning at 2 pm on Sept. 11, 1990.

    Extrernal Appearance: The bpdy was that of a totally skeletonized human remains which consisted of the entire skull with nonprominant frontal ridges or mastoid process. The nasal aperture were those of a caucasion configuration and the upper arch was U-shaped, resembling mongoloid character. The cheek bones were not prominent. The orbital sockets were rather square. The right and left sides of the upper jaw were not still fused as was not the transversal suture of the hard palate.

    The foramen magnum and the configuration of the base of the skull and the outside of the skull showed no abnormalities. Upon removal of the calvarium, it was found that the clivus was almost totally obliterated and the endocranium appeared to be not remarkable. Natural teeth in good condition in part and some in bad condition were observed. According with the Universal System, teeth 1, 17 and 32 (wisdom teeth) were present and unerupted. Tooth 16 was absent. The corresponding alveolar spavce was totally obliterated by mature bone tissue.

    There was a large caries on the buccal aspect in tooth 2 and tooth 5 was missing postmortem. Teeth 3 and 4 were in good condition as well as tooth 14 which had a minute occlusal amalgam. Tooth 6 (upper right canine) had extensive caries at the mesial surface extending to the buccal surface as well as toward the lingual area. Tooth 9 (left upper central incisor) had a recent occlusal postmortem fracture at the tip. Tooth 10 was surgically absent and the corresponding alveolar space partially obliterated by mature bone. In the lower arch, tooth 17 was unerupted and tooth 18 had a minute round buccal amalgam. Tooth 19 had a large occlusal caries extending to buccal, mesial and distal aspects with only 1/3 of the crown surface left. Teeth 2o-29 were present. A large caries on the mesial and buccal surgace of tooth 20 was observed. A small lateral caries was noticed in tghe lateral aspect of tooth 29. Teeth 30 and 31 were in good condition, however, the lateral aspect of tooth 30 was observed with black discoloration of the crown area and conssitent with a distal caries.

    The lower jaw was intact. The two scapula as well as the hip bones were submitted and the fusion between the first sacral vertebra with the sacrum was incomplete in the anterior portion. the configuration of the three bones of the pelvbis were consistent with female-type and the symphysis pubis with numerous pits alternating with the elevations which suggested a very young person. The fusion of the iliac crests of the hip bones was partial in some areas. The sternum was submitted in two pieces and was not remarkable. 22 ribs were submitted. The right first rib aliong with the second right rib showed a hairline fracture measuring 1-3/4 inches in length in the first right rib and 1-1/4 inches in the second right rib. In addition, 1-1/4 inches before the anterior tip of the second rib there was a transveral compression.

    The two humeri with the two cubitus and radii were submitted and not remarkable. Similarly, both femurs, both tibias and fibulas were also submitted. The bones of the extremities showed no abnormalities except for a defect in the distal portion of the left tibia extending up to the articular surface and measured one inch in the virtucal dimension and 1-1/4 inches anteroposteriorly. The length of the humeri was 11-1/2 inches each. The length of both femurs was 16-1/2 inches. The length of the tibia was 13-3/4 inches. Also submitted were the seven cervical vertebrae, the five lumbar vertebrae and the eleven thoracic vertebrae. None of the certebrae submitted showed any abnormalities. In addition, multiple bones of the hands and feet were submitted and were not remarkable. The central portion and the two wings of the hyoid bone were identified and intact.

    Lab results: Opiate -- bone marrow=negative

    Opinion: It is my opinion that the cause and manner of death of the decedent, unidentified skeletal remains of a Hispanic female, is undetermined.

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    Could someone write the part about her teeth in layman's terms?

    ETA: Nevermind, lol, saw that was already done. Thanks Lion

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