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    Tapes Show Airline Pilots Possibly Asleep During Hawaii Flight


    Go! flight goes wrong
    "Finally, about 32 minutes into the flight, the captain responded, and the controller said: "Air shuttle 1002, guys, I've been trying to contact you for the last 90 to 100 miles. I understand you've passed Hilo, I'm going to turn you back to the northeast bound to get you back to the Hilo airport. Is there some kind of emergency situation going on?"
    "Uh no emergency situation," the captain said."
    (more ....zzzzz, er, uh, at link)

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    90-100 miles is what? 2 minutes?


    ETA: a 214 mile flight. hmm. they were in the air 32 minutes already. must be a slowww plane. i doubt they had time for a nap. maybe a chitchat.

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    This is a really short flight to begin with, maybe 30-40 minutes at the most. Were these pilots previously on a long flight? I hope they both are fired.

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