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    MI - Detroit, BlkMale UP7642, 30-45, in shallow grave, Mar'08


    4 bodies found, looking for more bodies
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    The Wayne County medical examiner's office has released the identity of one of four bodies discovered in two Detroit fields. (more at link)


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    DETROIT -- A medical examiner has identified two of the bodies that were found in a vacant lot on Detroit's west side last week.

    An anonymous tip led police and federal agents to a field on Mansfield Street, near Plymouth and Greenfield roads.

    The tipster said the family would find the dismembered body of DeAngelo Patton, 21, who had been missing since December.

    A medical examiner on Tuesday confirmed that one of the bodies was indeed Patton.

    On Thursday, another body was confirmed as Tommy Kirkland, 21


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    I think this man is one of the unidentified ones. He was found on Mansfield Street at about the same time. I didn't find a thread about him.


    Subject: Black Male
    Age: 30 to 45
    Height: 5'6" to 6'0"
    Weight: Unknown
    Date of Discovery: March 18, 2008
    Location of Discovery: Detroit, Mich.
    Contact: Detroit Police Department - Det. Gary Diaz at (313) 596-2260

    The Detroit Police Department and the Michigan State Police are working together to identify the remains of a homicide victim found in a shallow grave on Detroit's west side in March of 2008.

    On March 14, 2008, investigators were called to the alley behind 7401 Mansfield St., where a set of unidentified human remains were found buried. An anthropologist later determined that these were the remains of a black male, aged 30-45. He was 5'6"-6' in height and was wearing a black button-up, short-sleeved shirt with a dramatic Chinese-style dragon on the front and back. A black leather sandal was also found, suggesting that he had died during a warmer month.

    The individual had several physical findings suggesting that he had a broken nose, several healed broken ribs and possibly had indications of lung problems during life.
    He had lost most of his teeth postmortem. Doe mentions poor dental hygiene.

    Black short sleeved button up shirt with a dramatic "Chinese dragon" design on the front and back, it appears he only buttoned the lower two buttons. Trousers (poorly preserved). Black leather belt with a silver buckle.
    Black sandals with no socks-indicating he may have died during a warmer month.
    Purple plastic lighter, a AA Battery, several coins and a set of keys with a Las Vegas Dollar key chain were found with the body

    Deangelo/Angelo (?) Patton was the one who was under a mattress according to this:

    Porchlight thread with more quotes. Apparently the police were looking for a fifth set of remains as well.

    I can't find the fourth body on Namus or Doe Network. Not sure about the Michigan police site because they didn't give unimportant little details like the date or the place of discovery about all the Does there.
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    Detroit police asking for tips to close homicide case
    6:23 PM, Jul. 20, 2011

    At a news conference this morning, Detroit police asked the public for tips to help close a more than three-year-old homicide case.

    Tommie Kirkland and Angelo Patton’s bodies were discovered in March 2008 under a mattress in a yard on Mansfield near Elmira in Detroit. Police say they were likely shot in December 2007 and left there.

    Police have said the murders are believed to be drug related, but have said Kirkland, who was friends with Patton, was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Investigators believe two other unidentified victims found buried nearby are thought to be connected — all likely killed, police say, by the same person.


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