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    Central Savannah River Area hit by tornados

    As most know, Atlanta was pummeled by tornados over the weekend... well, the backside of those storms hit the Central Savannah River Area down in GA/SC, putting a big strike on the Midland Valley area on the SC side of the river... mainly Bath, SC (a mill town that is a part of MV) and the surrounding areas where my family lives. I finally heard from my brother yesterday... his house and my parents house made it through the storm because the tornado tracked to the back of their property, but all around them is a mess. Down on Hwy 421, large trees were uprooted and mill houses were devastated... the post office lost its roof, and the fire dept was damaged (one wall came down and I think 3 bay doors were blown out). The tornado was so strong that it ripped the top off of Bath's water tower. As of yesterday, the Red Cross was down there assisting people and the county had set a curfew in place... electricity was back on but sadly, my brother said that there is a water worry: some people are without water due to damages, and those that do have running water: the county has told them to boil their water before using it.

    Thankfully no one lost their life or was badly injured... but the destruction is on a big scale. Actually both sides of Savannah River got hit... Jefferson county, the North Augusta area, all the way out to Bamberg... so it's pretty wide spread. My brother said that they have been told that another system may hit them again, this week...



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    When does tornado season start?
    It seems they are hitting earlier than usual this year.

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    Tornados can happen at any time of the year. Peak in the south is March through May. Peak for the North is the summer.

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