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    Canada - Farah Khan, 5, found dismembered, Toronto, 6 Dec 1999

    This little girl was from Toronto, her parents are on trial now.

    Here is her story.


    She was just five years old, or almost 6 as children that age are usually determined to see it. She stood three and three-quarter inches over three feet, and weighed 35 pounds, tiny by any measure. She was in the afternoon senior kindergarten class at Second Street Junior Middle School in the west end of the city.

    And yet, according to the first statement her father, Muhammad Arsal Khan, gave Toronto police after his arrest, Farah committed suicide "by slitting her own throat" while her daddy and stepmother were at the grocery store.

    She hadn't wanted to go with them, Mr. Khan said, protesting that it was too cold out, and that she wanted to watch cartoons. So they left her in the apartment, Mr. Khan told detectives in a videotaped interview on Jan. 19, 2000, and when they got home, darned if she wasn't lying on the living room floor, near death, blood everywhere, her body "flopping around."

    He picked her up, Mr. Khan continued, adding a dramatic detail: As she died in his arms, he said, she urinated on him.

    Still and all, Mr. Khan reasonably concluded that "no one would believe the truth, that Farah had killed herself," so the next thing he did was to carry his daughter into the bathroom and cut her into pieces -- eight of them, not counting her head and her torso.

    That was Mr. Khan's story four years ago, or rather the first of them ~ Mr. Khan has since abandoned that original version of events.

    The first parts of Farah's dismembered body were discovered on Dec. 7, 1999, by a woman who was walking her dog at a lakefront park not far from where the family then lived. This woman, Mr. Fisher said, will identify Mr. Khan and Ms. Fatima as the couple she saw by the water, digging among the rocks, and whom she first suspected of having buried drugs there. When she investigated shortly afterwards, she found a double-bagged package, opened it a bit, and "saw a child's hand, and then she saw a child's leg." The woman dropped the bag and ran for help.

    Police would later discover a total of five different bags in different locations in that park and another in the north end of the city, finding the little girl's head -- ignominiously hidden face down under a rock -- only with Mr. Khan acting as a guide. Farah's torso was never located, though the bag that apparently contained it was, still bearing traces of her blood.


    The family was Pakistani, and apparenty Farah was the daughter of Mrs. Khan to her first husband that was an arranged marriage, they met on their wedding day and divorced after 4 months.

    Mr. Khan called Farah a bastard child and was cruel to her and his new wife, Farah's mother. She however, is also charged with 1st degree murder.. the trial is still going on. They have both pled 'not guilty' although Mr. Khan's lawyer asked for a plea bargain to manslaughter and the crown refused it.

    Story from the Globe and Mail

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    Probably nothing all that wrong in their homeland's culture. Canada has allowed a great deal of immigration. This is what they get from it.

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    OH! There is NO punishment on this earth great enough for this! What
    a hellish,hellish crime! The poor little baby! What her short life on this earth must've been like!!!!

    If you don't want your little ones GIVE them to someone who does...I have two of my own, but would've taken this precious girl in a heartbeat! Of course, someone evil enough to hate a child so would rather they be dead!

    My dear (with the Lord now) Great Grandma gave up one of her children during the depression. They had 7 little ones and could barely feed and clothe them. So, one was "given" to a childless couple who dearly wanted him. He grew up knowing about this and, in fact, knowing his birth mom.
    She loved him dearly...It had to be so hard to do...Especially when they had lost a precious 7 yo to pneumonia. The little boy (now an old man)
    was blessed and turned out to be one of the nicest people!

    Sorry to be rambling...It's awful late (er...early) here... I ought to get some more sleep.

    Bless y'all,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toth
    Probably nothing all that wrong in their homeland's culture. Canada has allowed a great deal of immigration. This is what they get from it.
    Oh yes. The only explanation for this horrible murder is that they were Pakistani. As I read through these many many Websleuth pages filled with heinous crimes such as murder, child molestation, rape, etc., perpetrated by one white/caucasian/Christian/euro-American after another I see this story and must come to the conclusion that the murder of this innocent child must be attributed to the fact that her step-father is a Pakistani immigrant. Pure logic (dripping with sarcasm here).

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    From April 2004:


    The jury in the Farah Khan case on Thursday found the five-year-old girl's father guilty of first-degree murder and her stepmother guilty of second-degree murder.

    After a day and a half of deliberations, the jury concluded that Muhammad Arsal Khan premeditated his daughter's death in 1999. He faces an automatic sentence of life in prison with no parole for 25 years.

    They found Farah's stepmother, Kaneez Fatima, guilty because she did not do enough to stop Khan from killing the girl. She faces a minimum of 10 years in jail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OkieGranny View Post
    This article is wrong as the killer is the Stepfather and the bio mother is the one who didnt protect her. This poor little girl..so messed up these parents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SweetT View Post
    This article is wrong as the killer is the Stepfather and the bio mother is the one who didnt protect her. This poor little girl..so messed up these parents.
    All the articles refer to Farah's mom as her stepmother. Farah's father remarried twice.

    It is not as though Mr. Khan was blissfully happy with Ms. Fatima, who was his second wife by an arranged marriage and nine years his senior, and who arguably appears to have been his ticket to Canada from their native Pakistan, since she had citizenship here, and could sponsor him.
    More info on the case at link below.

    Source, Last updated Wednesday, Mar. 18, 2009 11:10AM EDT: Stepmother's role central to Farah's murder trial


    Farah Jahan Khan, 1994 - December 1999, 5 years old. Picture and more info here: https://www.facebook.com/28957235775...23214974390772


    The child was five-year-old Farah Khan, and the two accused were her father and stepmother. Her father, it seems, had gotten it into his head that Farah was not his daughter. He accused his first wife of adultery, and firmly believed that Farah’s real father was someone else. No evidence, but good old Muhammad knew what he knew and Farah was not his daughter.
    Back in Pakistan Muhammad Arsal Khan didn’t want his first wife, and most assuredly didn’t want little Farah, whom he called “that useless child,” “bastard offspring” and “child of a dog.” Unhappily for all, Pakistani elders, following Islamic law, awarded him custody of the child, and that is how Farah Khan wound up living with and dying at the hands of her father and stepmother.
    Source: Muhammad Arsal Khan and Kaneez Fatima This article also has pictures of all three.

    R.I.P. sweet Farah.

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