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    WA - Daniel Wortham, 39, brutally murdered in his Spokane home, 21 March 2008

    Teen pleads not guilty for dad's murder

    SPOKANE -- Jackie Wortham teared up several times Wednesday looking like a scared 16-year-old girl, not an accused killer making her first court appearance for her father's murder.

    Wortham confessed to detectives Monday to her role in killing her dad, 39-year-old Dan Wortham. On Wednesday she made her first appearance in adult court where she and her boyfriend Edmund Washington are facing 23 years in prison if convicted of her dad's murder at his east Spokane home last weekend.

    Court documents claim that Jackie Wortham told detectives she and Edmund Washington killed Dan Wortham last Friday, waiting for several hours inside his house for him to come back from work. When he arrived they reportedly ambushed him, stabbing him with a knife and a three-foot-long sword and beating him with a wrench and a baseball bat.

    More at link: http://www.kxly.com/global/story.asp?s=8075054

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    OMGosh!!! What is wrong with these kids? What gives them the idea this is the only answer to their problems? I'm so confused by this train of thought. Now her life is totally ruined, and her father is DEAD all because they probably disagreed over something stupid.

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    Associated Press

    Friends say Dan Wortham spent much of his time trying to help his troubled teenage daughter, worrying about the girl and searching for her when she ran away.
    Wortham was slain last weekend, and his 16-year-old daughter Jackie and her boyfriend have been arrested in the killing. Police say they have already confessed.
    "He lived for Jackie," neighbor Debra Tallman said of Wortham. "He cried and cried for her. That was his priority." Wortham had been raising his daughter alone for years.


    "Daniel Wortham got into an argument with Washington and Washington claimed Daniel Wortham shoved him, after which Washington stabbed Daniel Wortham in the neck with a knife," the police report said. "Washington also admitted stabbing Daniel Wortham with a sword and beating him with a large silver wrench and baseball bat to kill him." The police report also said Jackie Wortham told them: "I may have hit my father with a bat one time trying to break up the fight."

    (more at link)

    What a horrible way to die. RIP, Daniel.

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    Aiyiyi, she was (or is?) pregnant w/Washington's baby. Dan didn't want her to have the baby.
    See video:

    Video of scene and sheriff speaks in depth:

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    I just don't get it... how could you think that this would solve anything? Do they think that they'll somehow get away with it and go on to live happily ever after? Or that maybe if they can give a good enough reason for doing it, it'll all just go away and they can get on with life? I don't understand this at all.

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    This is one of those stories for me that only elicits a long strand of cuss words.

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    God, stories like this make me not wanna have kids.

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    And the daughter is claiming she,"MAY," have hit her dad with a baseball bat, "trying to break up the fight." OK...we can gather form that statement whose side she was on. Because once in court and on trial you know she will say she didn't know her boyfriend wqas going to kill her father....but she has already incriminated her self with those words...in my opinion. Shame on this girl, this daughter..no less......murder doesn't solve anything! I am always amazed too that these perps actually believe they will get away with it.

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    From October 2009:


    A teenager will serve 22 years in prison for helping his girlfriend kill her father with a sword and baseball bat.

    Edmund D. Washington, 19, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and was sentenced today by Superior Court Judge Michael Price.

    It's the same sentence given to Jacqueline A. Wortham, 18, last month for the brutal slaying of Daniel A. Wortham, 39, on March 21, 2008.

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